Aline Bock at European Freeride Festival

Rumors were true, at European Freeride Festival the big names of international freeriding will be present and they are much more than guests: with the Völkl Split & Freeride Camp it will be possible to learn all the powder secrets with the freeride world champion Aline Bock!


Splitboarding is the alpine discipline which allows the snowboarders to access the most remote backcountry areas with a single and dual means: the splitboard. During European Freeride Festival the split passionates will have the opportunity to join Aline Bock for 3 days, to figure out the tech fundamentals both for equipment and athletics. From the uphill hikes featuring the two split halves, to the board and bindings setting, with the aim to rush down the slopes drawing clean lines on the immaculate snow of Livigno.

The camp will feature two different moments: the first will offer an entire day of theoretical and practical lessons about the correct use and setting of the splitboard overall equipment, as well as the topics inherent the safety and risk management in freeriding. It will be followed by two whole days of backcountry tours where Aline will teach the how-to, always guided by the local Alpine Guides, facing a 1,000 mt altitude gap.

The camp includes: 3-days Freeride Pass, 3-days lift ticket and the complete equipment kit composed of splitboard, artva, probe pole, shovel and ABS Airbag. The accommodation in the same hotel as Aline, with half-board treatment, is thought to have fun and chilling-out with the other camp fellows. The overall cost is of € 490.00.

Attention please! The camp is reserved to 10 participants only, in order to have a more personalised relation as well as an accurate examination of each one. Booking now your participation is guaranteed:


Camp changes such as no accommodation or the addition of one or more days to the hotel booking are available, please contact

About Aline Bock
As a former freestyle snowboarder, Aline became Vize World Champion the first year of joining the Freeride World Tour and claimed the title of the Freeride World Tour Champion in 2010. Since then, the German snowboarder has been focusing on big mountain and backcountry film projects and travelled to the most beautiful spots of the planet. ’For me, splitboarding is a new way of moving in the mountains,’’ Aline Bock explains. ‘Many lines that I have only seen from the slopes before are accessible now. I love the experience in nature, far away from the crowds, always happy sharing my passion.“

European Freeride Festival is the powder event open to everyone with the claim ‘Freeriding for All‘.
Ski, Snowboard, Telemark, Splitboard and ski-snow-alp. Not only professional freeriders but also enthusiasts will live the perfect experience during this groundbreaking event.

European Freeride Festival Contacts
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