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South America Winter Season Wrap Up


Another winter season is going off in the south hemisphere and the South American snowboard communities have been able to show again all the potential of this continent. Chilean, Brazilian and Argentinian snowboards crews done a handful of pretty cools events.

The season started in São Paulo city with an indoor slopestyle event realized by the Brazilian Snowboard Federation.


As past few years, Chile hosted the South America Rookie Fest in Valle Nevado ski resort and for the really first official time, Argentina included one rookie oriented event in the WSF program, organized in the nice snowpark area of Cerro Catedral ski resort, nearly Bariloche city.

Amongst the bizarre winter weather conditions that afflict especially the Argentinian season with continuous warm temperatures, has been possible to organize almost all the 4 stops of the National tour.

The first three stops went down in perfect conditions and touched ski resorts like Chapelco, Cerro Catedral and La Hoya, where the Brazilians done their 2014 tour final.


Unfortunately, due a very huge black-out in the district of Bariloche that hit the ski resort too, the Argentinian snowboard final suffered obviously contingencies and have forced the cancellation. Well, spring time is on and almost all ski resorts are close, or in the way to.

Well done to all that, keep it real!