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7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY Review

7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato & Ride Snowboards tour finals at Betterpark Hintertux, Hintertux Glacier Tux-Finkenberg, 17th 18th October 2020

Rider: Lukas Behensky

One week ago, on October 17th/18th, Bretterpark Hintertux hosted the tour finals of the 7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato and Ride Snowboards 2019/2020. At the 4th and final tour stop of Zillertal’s most popular snowboarding slopestyle contest, there was more to win than medals and day podiums. Finally, the overall tour winners, the new Kings and Queens of the Zillertal VÄLLEY 2019/2020, were crowned. Andreas „Monepic“ Monsberger collected all highlights in this clip:

Wintery conditions followed by spotless bluebird

Saturday´s coaching and training day came along with wintery conditions and fresh powder for everyone. On Sunday morning, the snowpark showed-off with bluebird and sunshine over the large XXL setup, just in time for the snowboard slopestyle contest. Despite the challenging Covid situation, many snowboarders gathered at Hintertux Glacier, going for the last tour points, to grasp the chance of a medal, a spot on the day´s podium, or even the crown and title of overall tour champion. While „keeping distance“ and showing their best manners, the participants presented all they got to impress the judges and competitors.

Coaching Day

Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY 4th tour stop Hintertux Glacier- results:

Horsefeathers Best Trick Award:                        BS 1080 Double Cork by Naj Mekinc (SLO)

Super Groms (under 13 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Shania Colsters (NED)                                               1. Matyáš Skandera (CZE)
2. Olivie Pouchova (CZE)                                              2. Nilo Lemark (SVN)
3. Lua-Marie Klemm (GER)                                          3. Jonas Kröll (AUT)

Groms (13 – 15 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)                                   1. Paul Frischhut (AUT)
2. Kristina Holzfeind (AUT)                                         2. Lukas Behensky (AUT)
3. Noelle-Christin Jamnig (AUT)                              3. Timon Matěna (CZE)

Rookies (16-18 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Eva Hanikova (CZE)                                                    1. Jakub Hrones (CZE)
2. Bianca Bierbaum (GER)                                            2. Kai Groeneveld (NED)
3. Ozbe Kuhar (SLO)

Women & Men (18+):
Women:                                                                                 Men:
1. Federica Sola (ITA)                                                      1. Naj Mekinc (SLO)
2. Emma Lantos (AUT)                                                   2. Max Deutinger (AUT)
3. Jose Antonio Aragon Salguero (ESP)


Rider: Naj Mekinc


Rider: Botond Fricz


Kings and Queens of the VÄLLEY

When all was set and done, the new Kings and Queens of the Zillertal VÄLLEY were celebrated with well-deserved trophies, prize money, fame, and honor for the overall tour victory.

Overall Men & Women (18+)     Queen: Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)        King: Jakub Hrones (CZE)
Rookies (16-18)                                  Queen: Hollie Smith (GBR)                           King: Jakub Hrones (CZE)
Groms (13-15)                                     Queen: Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)        King: Lukas Behensky (AUT)
Super Groms (u13)                           Queen: Shania Colsters (NED)                    King: Emil Frey (GER)


Overall Tour Winners
Shania Closters, Vanessa Volopichova, Jakub Hrones, Emil Frey

All results and rankings of the final tour stop and overall rankings can be looked up at
Congratulations to all athletes and big thanks to the organizers and all helping hands.

With their participation in the VÄLLEY RÄLLEY slopestyle contest, the competing snowboarders scored valuable points for the international World Snowboard Point List (WSPL) and those under 18 years in the World Rookie Ranking. Betterpark Hintertux at Hintertux Glacier will stay open until mid-December. All information and updates can be found at

8th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY

The 8th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY will be starting into the new season in December 2020. The online registration for the first tour stop at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach will be unlocked from December 1st onwards.

Theo Acworth
Video: Andreas „Monepic“ Monsberger




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Watch the future generation of snowboarding at World Rookie Fest Livigno 2020 – livestream starts tomorrow!

The World Rookie Tour partner will broadcast qualifications and finals of the World Rookie Fest 2020 in Livigno. Keep the links below in your note! Live streaming will display the incredible riding level in Livigno all over the world and will thus showcase the future generation of competitive snowboarding! Stay tuned!

2020 World Rookie Fest – Qualifications live streaming
13 January 2020 – 9:00 am


2020 World Rookie Fest – Finals live streaming
14 January 2020 – 9:00 am


Download the full program in this link.

Follow the World Rookie Tour online:
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If you dream to become a professional snowboarder, then your future starts from the World Rookie Tour!

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7. Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY Tour started into the 2019/20 season at Austrian Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach

On December 21st – 22nd, the 7th edition of the Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato & Ride Snowboards started into its 7th season at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach. With over 120 registered riders and an international starter field, the first stage of Zillertal’s most popular Snowboard Amateur Series has been a full success. Andreas MonEpic Monsberger has put the results together in moving pictures.

What a tour start! Just in time for the first Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY tourstop 2019/2020 hosted by Blue Tomato & Ride Snowboards, the Betterpark Hochzillertal showed off with a majestic setup. Over 120 riders had signed up for the first VÄLLEY RÄLLEY stage at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach. No wonder, that despite the wintery conditions, a lot of action was already going on at the snowpark on Saturday’s coaching day. Beside freebie Ästhetiker freestyle coachings with Steve Gruber, Klaus Hofmeister, Friedl Kolar and Chris Kröll, snowboarders from all over Europe came to practice for the contest at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach.

Photo: Dan Mullins

On Sunday’s slopestyle contest, teams from all over Europe were pushing the limits on the slopestyle setup of Hocchzillertal-Kaltenbach’s snowpark. The podium winners of all eight categories got rewarded with medals, prizes and prize money. And while the new event host Blue Tomato and outerwear partner Horsefeathers Clothing were scouting for up-and-coming talents, the best trick award was up for grabs with a brand-new outerwear combo by Horsefeathers. In the end, it was Jakub Hrones from team CZE, who claimed the Horsefeathers Best Trick Award with his stylish „backside 900 mute“ and scored two gold medals – in the rookie class (16-18 years) and men’s open class – at the same time.

Photo: Dan Mullins

Darcey-Jane Williams from team GBR took the second award of the „most impressive grom of the day.“ In the ladies contest, it was Belgian ripper Evy Poppe who showed the best performances and double scored first place in the rookie girls and women’s overall ranking. In the groms class (13-15 years) Laura Záveská (CZE) and Lenny Fenning (GBR) took the top podium spots, while Shania Colsters from team NED and Emil Frey from team Germany each won gold in the super grom categories.

Photo: Dan Mullins

Martha Schultz, Ski Centrum Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach is delighted with the successful event: „Thanks to the team of the Ästhetiker. Once again, they were proffessionals at work. And these kind of events are important for wintersports and for our kids and young athletes. They convey the common joy out in nature and our youth is finding a platform to benchmark themselves.“

Photo: Dan Mullins

With the first out of four results, the hunt for valuable Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY overall ranking points kicked-off at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach. The overall winners will finally be crowned new Royal Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY family 2020 at the last tour stop in Hintertux. Riders participating in Hochzillertal- Kaltenbach were further collecting points on the International World Snowboard Point List (WSPL). The tour stop counts as an ASA (Austrian Snowboard Association) Austriacup and provides points in the World Rookie Ranking and to qualify for the World Rookie Finals. More info at

The partners of the first Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY tour stop are:
Zillertal Tourism GmbH, Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach, Best of Zillertal tourism association, Blue Tomato, Ride Snowboards, Red Bull, Horsefeathers, Dana Beanies, World Snowboard Federation (WSF), Austrian Snowboard Federation (ASA), World Rookie Tour (WRT)

Full results, rankings and galleries are available at

More info at

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World Rookie Tour 2019/20 calendar

The World Rookie Tour season has officially started with one event in Les2Alpes and 2 events in New Zealand. Now the tour goes on and the Black Yeti is proud to announce 2020 northern hemisphere calendar with events in world premium resorts: Skyline Park in Innsbruck, across the oceans to Nekoma and Taksu in Japan to land in USA, in Mammouth, Vail and Keystone resorts. Mottolino Park in Livigno, will host the 15thedition of the World Rookie Fest, the oldest event in the tour. Finally new top destinations will debut in the rookie tour this season: Ruka in Finland, and Madonna di Campiglio in Italy.

The legendary World Rookie Snowboard Finals will be held for the 4th time in Kitzsteinhorn – Zell am See-Kaprun, Austria, from the 30th of March to the 5th of April 2020.

The World Rookie Tour (WRT) is the largest youth snowboard series in the world with thousands of fans from all over the world. Every event is not just a competition: it features loads of other activities to help rookies in their personal and athlete grow such as photo & video shootings, English talks, avalanche and rescue clinics, meeting with photographers and international team managers, parties and big prizes.

At the end, the winners of the World Rookie Finals will be awarded with the title of World Rookie Champions and will be offered a unique opportunity to enter the world of professional snowboarding: all the last season champs, male and female, got invited to the Audi Nines and conquered a spot in the 2019.20 FIS World Cup Tour. The special prizes for 2020 Champions will be announced soon.


2019.20 World Rookie Tour Snowboarding – Calendar

Summer Rookie Jam // Les 2 Alpes . FRA // 13-20.07.2019 // SS/BA/HP
NZ Rookie Fest //  Cadrona . NZL // 14-17.08.2019 //  SS/HP
NZ Show Down Rookie Fest // Cadrona. NZL // 04-06.10.2019 // SS/BA/HP
Wordl Rookie Fest // Livigno . ITA // 11-15.01.2020 // SS
Colorado WRT Grom Fest //  Vail . USA // 26.01.2020 // HP
QKLS Rookie Fest // Ruka . FIN // 29.01-02.02.2020 // SS
REV Tour Rookie Fest // Mammoth Mountain. USA // 07-09.02.2020 // SS/HP
Colorado WRT Grom Fest // Keystone A51 . USA // 08.02.2020 // SS
Balkan Rookie Fest // Sofia . BUL // 13-16.02.2020 // SS
Young Guns Rookie Fest // Takasu . JPN // 28-29.02.2020 // HP
Indy Parka Rookie Fest // Nekoma . JPN // 06-07.03.2020 // SS
MDC Rookie Fest // Madonna di Campiglio. ITA // 14-18.03.2020 // SS
World Rookie Finals // Kitzsteinhorn, Zell Am See-Kaprun . AUT // 31.03-05.04.2020 // SS/HP

What are you waiting for?

Come and join the 2019/2020 World Rookie Tour: the future is here.

You can also visit to see the full calendar at the tour’s website.

Follow the World Rookie Tour online:
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Photo credit: Ania Grzelka

About World Rookie Tour
The WRT is organized by the Black Yeti company in collaboration with International and National Sports Associations. It consists of a selection of high quality International events, in snowboard, freeski and skateboard, the so called “Rookie Fests”, reserved for riders under 18’s only, in Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Asia. The World Rookie Tour consists not only of competitions: it also features loads of other activities to help rookies in their personal and athlete grow, such as photo & video shootings, avalanche and rescue clinics, meetings with photographers and international team managers, parties and English talks. Since the foundation in 2005 it awards tickets to world class events such as The Arctic Challenge, The Air & Style, the X Games, the Audi Nines, Red Bull Roller Coaster, Simple Session, Mystic Cup, invitations to professional photo & video shootings, and freeride trip in Southern Hemisphere. Every year the tour crowns the World Rookie Champions at the end of season “World Rookie Finals”, a unique event where the best youngsters from all over the world compete and have fun. More information at