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2016 Estonian Open Slopestyle

Estonia’s biggest event of snowboarding and freestyle-skiing waits for the best riders at Kiviõli, 12.-14th February 2016. For the second year, we are officially in World Snowboard Tour calendar as a National level event, also Estonian snowboard and freestyle-skiing championships will be held (slopestyle). The best Estonian riders will show their skills, including young world famous skier Kelly Sildaru (13 years old), who won the Dew Tour in December 2015 and also SFR Freestyle Ski Tour in January 2016 @Val Thorens, France.

The competition is more popular for Nordic and Baltic riders. Most of our foreign riders come from Finland and Latvia, right now we also have one rider from Korea. The best Estonian snowboarders will be included – Team Surfhouse (EST) first class riders Mario Visnap, Marko Vilumaa, Sulev Paalo, Priidik Vesi, Siim Aunison; also Madis Bachmann (Hawaii Express Team), freestyle-skiers Edgars Lansmanis (LAT) and Kristian Eding (Team Surfhouse, EST), Karl Pääru (Extreme Sport, EST).

Although the season kicked off pretty late here in Estonia (in the beginning of January 2016), the snowpark building in Kiviõli is in progress and it should be opened as soon as possible. The main sponsor of Estonian Open Slopestyle 2016 is Starman.

We hope to see many people attending to Estonian Open Slopestyle, supporting the riders and spending some quality time outside. In those 3 days all the other slopes (except snowpark) of Kiviõli Ski Resort will be available for everyone. We also have DJ performances in Friday and Saturday evenings.


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Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015: best of the best!

Last weekend Estonia made history – 20.-22.02.2015 Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 was held in Kiviõli. The first big snowboard and freeski party for this country that was also in TTR World Tour calendar and to celebrate that, Baltic Snowpark Agency built the biggest and the best snowpark in Baltics! The event was very successful and Estonian Championships added some extra value.


Men’ s snowboard king title in slopestyle dicipline went to Kalle Järvilehto (FIN), the second place in slopestyle snowboarding belongs to Rene Rinnekangas (FIN) and third was Sulev Paalo (EST). Paalo (Team Surfhouse) was also the best rider in Estonian Championships, 2nd Mario Visnap (Team Surfhouse), 3rd place went to Matis Maltsar (Sportland). Sulev Paalo (22) and Mario Visnap (29) are currently the best male riders in Estonia, both have fantastic snowboard history and great experiences in national and international competitions. Sulev Paalo is also the first Estonian snowboarder who made backside double corks 1080 and 1260 happen, two years ago. The guy (who by the way studies law!) admitted that though he’s broken his bones 15 times in these 16 years on board, he is still addicted.


Women’s slopestyle winners were all Finnish ladies – the best was Elli Pikkujämsä, second Henna Ikola and third Malla Partanen. Estonian Champion title in slopestyle snowboarding went to Silvia Zvirgzdinš (25), who was pretty unknown a year ago, but a big surprise for this winter straight from Kuutsemäe ski resort – rookie with class and lots of potential. 2nd place belongs to Kirke Ruuven, third was Linda Varusk.

Sunday was freestyle-skiing day in the park and there were no surprises – as expected, the women’s category 1st place went overwhelmingly to Estonia’s young world famous star Kelly Sildaru (13). Her younger brother Henry grabbed the first place in juniors category. Winners in men’s category were Emils Ozolins (LAT) and Edvards Lansmanis (LAT), third was Mihkel Ustav (EST, Hawaii Express Team). Mihkel is also the Estonian Champion in freestyle-skiing, slopestyle dicipline. Second place went to Kristian Eding (Team Surfhouse) and third was Karl Pääru (Extreme Sport).


Although the weather was pretty windy and warm in all those three days, the park was in good condition. Janek Maar, one of the main organizers of Estonian Open Slopestyle told that the event went successfully. “There were many international participants and it is a great result for our first big competition. Lots of riders assured that Estonian Open was one of the best-organized event and had the best snowpark they’d seen in a few winters. Also our international judges were amazed, because with a great will and maximum efforts we managed to build a world-class snowpark on this little mountain here, spiced with perfect kickers and landings.

So as planned, little Estonia got it’s first high-level international snowboarding event and skiers were pleased too – everyone promised to take part next year.

Estonian Open Slopestyle crew (Karel Kangro, Janek Maar, Hälys Laanemäe and Kerstin Kotkas) thanks all the riders and supporters and we will see you in 2016!

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Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 Brings Action to Kivioli

More then 85 snowboarders and skiers from 7 different countries have registered to Estonian Open Slopestyle, 20.-22.02.2015 at Kiviõli Ski Resort, Estonia. This freestyle ski and snowboard competition is now officially in World Snowboard Tour calendar as a national level event, also Estonian Freeski Slopestyle Championships will be held on Sunday. The best Estonian riders will show their skills, including young world famous star Kelly Sildaru, who will make some bonus runs and also compete in men’s category – just to try out pro-line big jumps and add some adventurous experience to her cv. “So far, this season has been quite busy and interesting. I am waiting for Estonian Open Championships because there’s going to be the best snowpark in Estonia!” said Kelly Sildaru. “And it will be really fun for me to compete at home.”

Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 (1)

“Right now we have participants from seven countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Norway and Italy. Of course this competition is more popular for Nordic riders (or the ones from Baltic states). Most of our foreign riders come from Finland – for example Mikko Rehnberg, who just won World Rookie Tour event in Italy a few weeks ago,” introduced Kerstin Kotkas, the PR manager of Estonian Open Slopestyle. “Kristiina Nyman and Roope Rautiainen are also from Finland, Petter Grøn (NOR), Valterz Osnieks (LAT), Lorenzo Gennero (ITA) and Romualdas Ruzgys (LIT). The best Estonian snowboarders will be included – Mario Visnap and Joel Pärle, Sulev Paalo and Madis Bachmann, juniors Marten Kikas and Egert Piik; freestyle-skiers Edgars Lansmanis (LAT) and Kristian Eding (Team Surfhouse, EST).”

More information and riders can be found

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One of the main organizers, Karel Kangro, announced that although the weather conditions are not as good as they could be (around zero degrees here), the Starman Snowpark is ready and was opened on the 7th February by Estonia’s best freestyle-skier Kelly Sildaru, who on the very same day signed an important sponsorship deal with Estonia’s biggest cable television company Starman. This co-operation will play a big part in her trainings before 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South-Korea.

Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 (6)


“We hope to see many people attending to Estonian Open Slopestyle, supporting the riders and spending some quality time outside. On Friday we have PiuPau Railjam – unseen jam format, cash for tricks, as simple as that. On Sunday, history will be made – Kelly Sildaru will take part of Estonian Freeskiing Open Championships for the very first time!” Karel Kangro said.

Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 (4)

In those 3 days all the other slopes (except snowpark) of Kiviõli Ski Resort will be available for everyone. Daily workshops will be held indoors, Estonian snowboarding movies will be screened and second hand equipment market is opened. Sport activities will be transformed smoothly to the outstanding LIVE band and DJ performances in the Friday and Saturday evenings with Estonian best artists involved. NB! All the daily action is for free, tickets for live concerts at nights are sold at Piletilevi ( Please see all the information 

Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 Teaser from Kivioli

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Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015

Estonian Open Slopestyle 2015 invites riders to Estonia’s first World Snowboard Tour NATIONAL level snowboarding event and Freestyle Skiing Open Championships in slopestyle dicipline. Registration is open on the website:

Estonian Open Slopestyle_3

Events will take place at Kiviõli Ski Resort in Kiviõli, Estonia.
Dates are February 20th – 22nd 2015


Friday, February 20th TTR NATIONAL  level SS warm-up, qualifications / PiuPau Rail Jam
Saturday, February 21th TTR NATIONAL level SS qualifications and finals
Sunday, February 22th Freeski Estonian Open Slopestyle Championships

Estonian Open Slopestyle_1

Weekend will be kicked off on Friday afternoon with warm up sessions and snowboarding qualifications for juniors and ladies. Friday night snowboarding action will end with infamous PiuPau Rail Jam. This unseen jam format can not be more simple – cash for tricks.

Both slopestyle competitions will be held in “Open for all format” and the maximum number of riders is limited. REGISTRATION IS ON at the event website and you are more than welcome to sign in early!

Event is attractive for the Finnish, Latvian, Russian and Norwegian riders. There is no doubt that the highest level of slopestyle riding, that Estonia has ever witnessed on its slopes, will be represented”.says Karel Kangro, one of the event main organizers.

We have put huge amount of energy into the ski resort opening and high quality snow park preparation and we would like to finalize and celebrate this effort with the first international big event in our resort. Last summer we tuned up our park slopes with additional ground works and our terrain park will be built with maximum care – it will be the best and the biggest snow park in the Baltics”. says the event organizer and ski resort managing founder Janek Maar.

Estonian Open Slopestyle_2

Kiviõli Starman Snow Park terrain is freshly prepared for the snow making and park build up. The rail and kicker set up will be planned and designed by the Baltic Snowpark Agency and tested by Estonian best riders. The course will be refreshed and fine tuned from the first season invaluable experience. Pro line will hold 2 rail platforms, 2 big jumps (12 and 18+ m) and an extra feature will be added this year to the end of the pro and medium line.

The event is not just a snowboarding competition. The whole weekend is planned and covered with the different activities on site for every visitor. On the slopes, there will be Estonian Freeski Slopestyle Championships held on Sunday. Kelly Sildaru will attend first time ever to local championships. Friday night Bag Jump action will take place and daily workshops will held indoor, Estonian snowboarding movies will be screened and second hand equipment market is opened.

Sport activities will be transformed smoothly to the outstanding LIVE band and DJ performances in the Friday and Saturday evenings with Estonian best artists involved. Friday night LIVE: Ziggy Wild and Slippery Slope. Saturday night LIVE: Elephants From Neptune. NB! All the daily action is for free, tickets for live concerts at nights are sold at Piletilevi (

2015 Estonian Open Slopestyle presented by Starman and supported by Enterprise Estonia.

Estonian Open Slopestyle is also part of the World Snowboard Tour as a 3 Star Men and Women Slopestyle Event.

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