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Girls Shred Sessions 2018 – Info & Schedule

The Girls Shred Sessions are back again! Also in the winter 2018, female riders will have a shredalicious time – QParks takes care of that with a number of events. Together with experienced coaches they’ve set themselves the goal to gather as many girls as possible in the snowpark, where they can work on their shred skills. During 7 sessions in 7 snowparks the girls will receive tips and tricks about shredding by professional snowboard and freeski coaches.

Girls Own The Park

That’s the motto under which female snowboarders and freeskiers from all around the Alpine region have come together for joint shred sessions for 6 years now. For a whole day it is all about refining tricks or just gaining a first insight into the freestyle scene. Drop by for a session in the following parks:

7 Sessions in 7 Parks

The Snowpark Obergurgl is fueled with extra girls power, because at the Diamond of the Alps even the park is shaped by a female-only crew. In the Superpark Planai you are welcomed by the Blue Tomato team riders themselves and especially more advanced riders shouldn’t miss out on the Girls Shred Session in the Penken Park Mayrhofen. The badenova Snowpark Feldberg provides a sweet setup for everyone who wants to work on their jib skills. For all of you who like to soak up Italian sun, the Girls Shred Sessions stop in the Snowpark Alta Badia for the very first time. And also the Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum invites all chicks to a girls-only session this winter which is the closest girlsonly ride from Innsbruck! At the final event, the Blue Tomato Girls Day at the Blue Tomato Kings Park Höchkönig, you will meet the coaches from Blue Tomato once again.

What to expect

At the Girls Shred Session you spend a whole day together with pro coaches in the snowpark. In a relaxed atmosphere you can work on your shred skills with the help of the coaches while getting to know other motivated shred girls:“It was definitely cool! In Julia, who I got to know here, I also found a new friend with whom I can shred the park from now on.”, says rider Theresa. On top you get lunch and goodies provided by Blue Tomato, Nikita, Golden Ride, Planet Sports, WeAre and QParks for free.


27.01.2018 – Snowpark Obergurgl

03.02.2018 – Superpark Planai

17.02.2018 – Penken Park Mayrhofen

24.02.2018 – badenova Snowpark Feldberg

03.03.2018 – Snowpark Alta Badia

10.03.2018 – Golden Roofpark Axamer Lizum

24.03.2018 – Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig


How to participate

Never stopped by a Girls Shred Session before? No problem. You don’t need to be a pro to participate. If you’ve mastered your freeski or snowboard basics and are not afraid of one or two slams, you’re ready and set for the Girls Shred Sessions. For the free registration just contact Alexandra Denker from QParks via .

For more information and updates on the Girls Shred Sessions visit, our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Events Features

WSF Pro Women presents: Girls Shred Session @ Vans Penken Park

On the 26th of March 2016, Mayrhofen will see quite a number of surprised guests, when a host of motivated #shredqueens hits the Van Penken Park. Girls, it’s your turn: Together with WSF ambassador and snowboard pro Silvia Mittermüller, you get the chance to work on your skills and fine-tune your tricks in a relaxed atmosphere. A professional film crew will be on the spot to ban your moves on camera.

568953__web_Mayrhofen__28-02-2014__lifestyle__sb__Roland_Haschka_QParks__007 - Copia

As in the past four years, crazy freestyle girls are conquering the park and make the Girls Shred Session a special event in Mayrhofen. At least since the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) hosts the Pro Women events, everyone knows that girls indeed do have a lot to show on their boards, not only at contests. This energy is bundled on March 26, when all girls are pulling together. Snowboard pro Silvia Mittermüller is going to spend the whole day with the girls on the mountain, providing useful tips and giving moral support as well. The Vans Penken Park with its 40+ obstacles offers the perfect conditions to push your tricks to the next level.

In order to capture the bold action for the generations to come, a team of professional filmers and photographers will accompany you the whole day. They will put you at the center of attention when landing new tricks, when you enter the pro line or while raising your glass with your friends after a successful session. So if you’re on the lookout for a stylish profile pic or dreaming of having a part in a video, it’s your turn now!

568950__web_Mayrhofen__01-02-2015__lifestyle__Patrick_Steiner__QParks__011 - Copia

No worries, you don’t have to be a pro to join the shred fun. If you’ve mastered the basics on the slopes and are not afraid of a couple of harder landings, you’re definitely ready for the Girls Shred Session. For free registration please contact Alexandra Denker from QParks

Sounds like a good plan? Enroll yourself und bring your friends. You can also find all latest news, pics and clips on Facebook and Instagram. We’re looking forward to an epic session with you!

Source: QParks / Young Mountain / Snowboard Germany // With thanks to Nadine Haertinger

#WSFProWomen is a dedicated women snowboarding event series launched by the World Snowboard Federation. A girls and woman friendly approach to snowboarding that resonates through community based activities and shared experiences on the snow is an integral part of all WSF Pro Women activities.

WSF Pro Women is supported by the most influential industry companies, media and platforms. Many thanks to Blue Tomato, and for their generous donation of give aways for event participants, and a hefty dose of promotional support!

Thanks to the National Snowboard Associations of China, Norway and Germany for their help in organizing and promoting the WSF Pro Women events!