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Hiroto Ogiwara and Evy Popp crowned 2021 World Rookie Snowboard Champions

The Black Yeti crew spent a full week in Hintertux, where the first-ever combined Snowboard and Freeski World Rookie Finals went down successfully.

From April the 29th until May the 2nd, after the end of the freeski event, almost 80 snowboarders from 16 different nations came to Hintertux, for the most awaited youth snowboard event of the season: slopestyle competition, art workshop, music contents and avalanche camp were some of the magic ingredients of this unique event.

In fact, in the heritage of the WRT events, the 2021 Snowboard Final was not only an international slopestyle competition, but as well it offered to all participants several side activities thanks to a strict Covid Concept which ensured the safety of all.

Japan’s Hiroto Ogiwara reigned supreme at the 2021 World Rookie Championships in Hintertux Glacier, Austria last week. Photo courtesy of Andreas Amplatz/World Rookie Tour.

The 2021 World Rookie Snowboard Final competition went down in Hintertux Glacier, at the Betterpark Snowpark, in very difficult weather conditions, with permanent clouds and some wind, which obliged the Local Organizing Crew to adapt the program day by day. Finally, all the riders were able to showcase their skills with a regular slopestyle contest for the male rookie category and a rail jam for all the others.

Male Rookies challenged for the 2021 World Rookie Tour Champion title on a slopestyle course consisted of three tables with different kickers and one table with three jib obstacles at the end. Judges scored each rider using overall impression. Hiroto Ogiwata (JPN) conquer the victory and the World Rookie Champion Title with a Cab Double 900 mute, bs double 1080 mellon, fs 720 toe edge, and front plant 450 out on the last rail. Hiroto was awarded, among the many prizes, a ticket to 2021.22 FIS World Cup. Liam Johnson and Lucas Ferry, both from the USA, got second and third and completed the male rookie podium.

All the other participants, female rookies and male/female groms, unfortunately, were not able to compete in the slopestyle due to the very bad weather condition and, on Sunday, competed for the WRT Champion titles on the rail line, on a two-run – best one count format.

Belgium’s Evy Poppe battles wind and snow to claim the 2021 World Rookie Tour Champion title. Photo Courtesy of World Rookie Tour.

In the Female Rookie category, former 2019 WRT Champion Evy Poppe from Belgium, won again the 2021 World Rookie Champion Title with a solid run consisting of a perfect Noseslide and a 50/50 frontside 360 out.

In the grom category, among the male, Lenny Fenning from team Whyaintyou GBR won with a Cab 270 on and Cab 180 on BS 360 out. In the female groms, Yura Murase from Japan won with a Boardslide to Fake and cab 180 on. They both conquered the World Grom Champion Title.

The 2021 Snowboard World Rookie Champions were both awarded with invitations for the 2022 Spring Battle at the Absolut Park and for the 2021.22 Hintertux Opening, and an invitation to a Red Bull Experience to be announced soon. The male World Rookie Champion only was the only rider awarded a spot for 2021.22 FIS World Cup Slopestyle. Other riders on the podium were awarded with a surf week with our historic partner and with many goodies from all our sponsors.

Download all the results from the 2021 World Rookie Finals Snowboard here

1. Yura Murase, JPN, 69.0
2. Soha Jannet, SUI, 45.5
3. Heli Bockhorni, GER, 39.5

1. Evy Poppe, BEL, 81.5
2. Matilde Pizzuto, ITA, 67.0
3. Andrina Salis, SUI, 65.5

RESULTS GROM MEN (2006-2007)
1. Lenny Fenning, GBR, 84.5
2. Liam Garandel, FRA, 80.5
3. Brooklyn Depriest, USA, 74.5

1. Hiroto Ogiwara, JPN, 88.5
2. Liam Johnson, USA, 87.5
3. Lucas Ferry, USA, 84.0

The event offered a program of side activities under a strict Covid Security Protocol to create a safety bubble and allow the organization of social moments. During the event took place a workshop about “Wood Photo Printing” by Andreas Monsberger, where they learned how to print a real picture on a piece of wood, making real artworks. The program also included “Avalanche Clinic” with theoretical and practical parts run by MOON Agency and a Karaoke Session.

All the World Rookie Tour organization would like to thank you all for the determination and for the support for our project. We hope to see you next year in better conditions.

Photo gallery World Rookie Finals Snowboard
Day 1 – Training
Day 2 – Male Rookie Slopestyle Comp
Day 3 – Grom and Girl Rail Jam

Below you can watch the winning runs
World Rookie Finals – Hiroto Ogiwara 1st place
World Rookie Finals – Liam Johnson 2nd place
World Rookie Finals – Lucas Ferry 3rd place

Below you can watch the re-run of the live streaming
Male Rookie Slopestyle
Girls and Male Grom Rail Jam

Source: World Rookie Tour

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7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY Review

7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato & Ride Snowboards tour finals at Betterpark Hintertux, Hintertux Glacier Tux-Finkenberg, 17th 18th October 2020

Rider: Lukas Behensky

One week ago, on October 17th/18th, Bretterpark Hintertux hosted the tour finals of the 7th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY hosted by Blue Tomato and Ride Snowboards 2019/2020. At the 4th and final tour stop of Zillertal’s most popular snowboarding slopestyle contest, there was more to win than medals and day podiums. Finally, the overall tour winners, the new Kings and Queens of the Zillertal VÄLLEY 2019/2020, were crowned. Andreas „Monepic“ Monsberger collected all highlights in this clip:

Wintery conditions followed by spotless bluebird

Saturday´s coaching and training day came along with wintery conditions and fresh powder for everyone. On Sunday morning, the snowpark showed-off with bluebird and sunshine over the large XXL setup, just in time for the snowboard slopestyle contest. Despite the challenging Covid situation, many snowboarders gathered at Hintertux Glacier, going for the last tour points, to grasp the chance of a medal, a spot on the day´s podium, or even the crown and title of overall tour champion. While „keeping distance“ and showing their best manners, the participants presented all they got to impress the judges and competitors.

Coaching Day

Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY 4th tour stop Hintertux Glacier- results:

Horsefeathers Best Trick Award:                        BS 1080 Double Cork by Naj Mekinc (SLO)

Super Groms (under 13 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Shania Colsters (NED)                                               1. Matyáš Skandera (CZE)
2. Olivie Pouchova (CZE)                                              2. Nilo Lemark (SVN)
3. Lua-Marie Klemm (GER)                                          3. Jonas Kröll (AUT)

Groms (13 – 15 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)                                   1. Paul Frischhut (AUT)
2. Kristina Holzfeind (AUT)                                         2. Lukas Behensky (AUT)
3. Noelle-Christin Jamnig (AUT)                              3. Timon Matěna (CZE)

Rookies (16-18 years):
Girls:                                                                                         Boys:
1. Eva Hanikova (CZE)                                                    1. Jakub Hrones (CZE)
2. Bianca Bierbaum (GER)                                            2. Kai Groeneveld (NED)
3. Ozbe Kuhar (SLO)

Women & Men (18+):
Women:                                                                                 Men:
1. Federica Sola (ITA)                                                      1. Naj Mekinc (SLO)
2. Emma Lantos (AUT)                                                   2. Max Deutinger (AUT)
3. Jose Antonio Aragon Salguero (ESP)


Rider: Naj Mekinc


Rider: Botond Fricz


Kings and Queens of the VÄLLEY

When all was set and done, the new Kings and Queens of the Zillertal VÄLLEY were celebrated with well-deserved trophies, prize money, fame, and honor for the overall tour victory.

Overall Men & Women (18+)     Queen: Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)        King: Jakub Hrones (CZE)
Rookies (16-18)                                  Queen: Hollie Smith (GBR)                           King: Jakub Hrones (CZE)
Groms (13-15)                                     Queen: Vanessa Volopichova (CZE)        King: Lukas Behensky (AUT)
Super Groms (u13)                           Queen: Shania Colsters (NED)                    King: Emil Frey (GER)


Overall Tour Winners
Shania Closters, Vanessa Volopichova, Jakub Hrones, Emil Frey

All results and rankings of the final tour stop and overall rankings can be looked up at
Congratulations to all athletes and big thanks to the organizers and all helping hands.

With their participation in the VÄLLEY RÄLLEY slopestyle contest, the competing snowboarders scored valuable points for the international World Snowboard Point List (WSPL) and those under 18 years in the World Rookie Ranking. Betterpark Hintertux at Hintertux Glacier will stay open until mid-December. All information and updates can be found at

8th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY

The 8th Zillertal VÄLLEY RÄLLEY will be starting into the new season in December 2020. The online registration for the first tour stop at Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach will be unlocked from December 1st onwards.

Theo Acworth
Video: Andreas „Monepic“ Monsberger




Events Features News

Billabong presents: 5. Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards

Photo Credit: Gustav Ohlsson

From December through April, the Ästhetiker will be lining up the Billabong presents: Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards with four stops all across the Zillertal again. The Zillertal Välley Rälley has become the most popular snowboard amateur series in Austria and offers great site events for all snowboard fans. The first tour stop will be kicking off at Hochzillertal Kaltenbach just before Christmas.

Registration will be open on December 1st at

The Billabong presents: Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards is four weekends filled with world-class snowboard fun for everyone. The program includes everything from free freestyle coaching for all age groups to an open snowboard slopestyle contest for all men, women and kids.
Along with that, Ride Snowboards will have their latest boards and bindings to demo for free and a fun Limbo/High-ollie session at all tourstops. The highly coveted Billabong Best Trick award will be up for grabs at all events and the winner can look forward to a complete Billabong Outerwear kit. The contest winners will be awarded with great applause, glory and the infamous Ästhetiker medals that will be given out by the president Steve Gruber himself. In all categories, the podium winers will take home prize money and tons of goodies.

17_01_22_zvr_hz_jan_rovenski_by_matt_mchattie-kopiePhoto Credit: Matt McHattie

Every contest result will give valuable points in the overall Välley Rälley ranking. The overall tour winners will be crowned at the last tour stop up on Hintertux Glacier as the new Royal Zillertal Välley Rälley family 2018. On top of all this, riders will gather points in the World Snowboard Tour Ranking. Once again, the Välley Rälley will be a part of the N.ASA Austriacups. The third contest in Mayrhofen will also count as a tourstop for the Super Grom Tour Tyrol by the N.ASA.

The overall results from the first three events will qualify the best man, woman and rookies for the Austrian Masters. The rookies can look forward to reduced-price wildcards for the World Rookie Finals 2018. Together with the tourism association of, the participating mountain companies and local tourism associations and thanks to Ride Snowboards, Billabong, Red Bull, Dana Beanies and Greenroom Mayrhofen,  the Ästhetiker are pleased to announce the new schedule for 2017/2018!

1. Tourstop  16.-17.12.2017  Hochzillertal, Kaltenbach, Erste Ferienregion im Zillertal
2. Tourstop  20.-21.01.2018  Zillertal Arena
3. Tourstop  10.-11-03.2018  Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, Mayrhofen-Hippach im Zillertal
4. Tourstop  28.-29.04.2018 Hintertuxer Gletscher, Tux Finkenberg

All info, updates and registration from December 1st is on at

17_03_11_zvr_mayrhofen_billy_cockrell_by_gustav_ohlsson_lowres_9-kopiePhoto Credit: Gustav Ohlsson


Zillertal Välley Rälley: 1st tourstop Hintertux Glacier

It´s “shred o´clock” again and the Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards is ready to kick off into the new season on October 15th and 16th 2016 with the first tourstop at Hintertux Glacier. As every year, the popular Snowboard Amateur Series has plenty to offer and everyone can get involved! Just get registered at and save yourself one of the limited spots. For all those, who can´t be bothered with waiting any longer, Andreas monEpic Monsberger has put an epic teaser edit together:

It´s on again! High up on Hintertux Glacier, the winter has already arrived and the season is in full swing. Since September 9,th the Betterpark Hintertux has been open and Mother Hulda has reliably delivered the first loads of fresh snow to the Austrian Alps.

Hardly surprising, that also the Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards is all set for take-off again! Looks like it´s time to reshuffle the pack and with the first of four tourstops, the popular Snowboard Tour will be starting into its 4th round on October 15th and 16th in Tux-Finkenberg.


On the Coaching Day, teams from all over Europe will be gathering at the Betterpark Hintertux to celebrate and share the stoke of snowboarding. All those, who are not bringing their own coaches, can easily sign up for the freebie Freestyle Coaching Sessions with the Ästhetiker crew, all riders, age groups and levels welcome! Ride Snowboards will not only offer the latest snowboards and bindings for free demo/testing, but also bring the “Limbo RIDE” for everyone to the Zillertal. A funny session, where you get to try the limbo dance while riding your snowboard and it´s the bar that brings up laughter and spice! The most agile snowboarders will be rewarded with prizes by Ride Snowboards, of course.


The Contest Day will not only bring an open Snowboard Competition to Hintertux, but also start a new chase for the first valuable points in the Välley Rälley Overall Ranking. All competitors will also be gaining points in the World Snowboard Tour Ranking. As every year, the Välley Rälley counts as a part of the Austria Cups by the N.ASA, New Austrian Snowboard Association. All the stage winners will be celebrated as kings and queens in the tried-and-tested Ästhetiker way in front of a great audience and of course, they will take home lots of medals, glory, honor and prizes from Ride Snowboards, Red Bull and Greenroom Mayrhofen.

If you haven´t found the right accommodation, yet, check!

Partners of the 1st tourstop:, Ride Snowboards, Hintertuxer Gletscher, Betterpark Hintertux, Tux Finkenberg Tourism, N.ASA, Greenroom Mayrhofen, Dana Beanies

For more info, updates and registration go to
All info about the park and resort at and


Events Features


On October 25th and 26th 2014 the Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards dropped into another season up high at the Hintertux Glacier! More than fourty young shredders came to the Betterpark Hintertux to learn new tricks and ride with the Ästhetiker pros Steve Gruber, Friedl Kolar and Klaus Hofmeister. Sixty snowboarders from all over Europe signed up for the open snowboard contest on sunday. No matter if it was groms, rookies, girls or the men´s category, everyone was throwing down their best tricks delivering a great session of creativity and style.


After the last dump of snow came the first tour stop of the Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride snowboards. The park shapers up at Betterpark Hintertux had the new snow under control and tuned the fresh into shape. On Saturday the Ästhetiker coaches were shredding park together with an ambitious crew of up-and-coming kids that were hyped to learn from the masters. All of them added something good to their bag of tricks while trying out the new GoPro and SP Gadgets products. On top of that, Ride Snowboards had their latest snowboards and bindings available for free demo all weekend long.


The sun showed it´s face just in time for the start of the open slopestyle contest on Sunday. There were sixty snowboarders of all age groups and riding levels hitting the park. Mini groms, rookies, girls and men were represented and put on a great show of style and creativity. All the riders ripped the same setup for prize money, snowboards and bindings from Ride, plus gear from Vans Streetwear, GoPro and SP Gagdets tools. All riders stacked their first points for the Zillertal Välley Rälley overall tour ranking.

Big congratulations to all who participated! It was Christoph Lechner from Germany that won the grom boys category while the Belgian girl Evy Poppe took the victory in the grom girls contest. German ripper Tobi Gruenwald took the top spot on the rookie podium and the Queen of the Välley 2014 and Ride Snowboards team rider Martina Zollner won the women´s category. Another Ride team rider by the name of Maximilian Preissinger grabbed top spot in the men´s contest! All rankings and results are now available on

The American, Mathew ‘’Boody’’ Boudreaux won the Vans Best Trick award with a stylish switch method and is now kitted-out with a complete streetwear outfit from Vans. Matthew about the Välley Rälley: “Events like this should happen everywhere you can slide sideways on snow! The Ästhetiker crew is giving back to snowboarding, what snowboarding had brought them. Good times riding with your friends, new or old!


Sarah Moser, marketing manager Hintertuxer Gletscher about the first Välley Rälley tour stop: ”One metre of fresh snow just two days before the start of the 2nd Zillertal Välley Rälley hosted by Ride Snowboards have been a challenge for our shapers! But just in time for the Coaching Day, the park was ready on all five lines and the great number of motivated riders obviously had a lot of fun on the new setup!”

The Betterpark Hintertux will be open and maintained daily with the XXL setup until December 2014. XXL actually means five park lines equaling one kilometer of shred fun with more than thirty perfectly shaped jib obstacles and 8 jumps for all riding levels. All info about the Betterpark Hintertux at

After this kick-off event in Hintertux there are three more tour stops following in Hochzillertal- Kaltenbach, Zillertal Arena and Mayrhofen. All four events will have their own podium and the riders will score valuable points for the overall tour ranking. At the forth and final event, the overall winners will be crowned prince, princess, king and queen of the välley. Get ready because the next tourstop is on schedule for December 20th and 21st 2014 at the Betterpark Hochzillertal.

Please sign up early online. All info and registration is available for you from December 1st and on at


All remaining 2014/2015 dates at a glance:

20.-21.12.2014 Betterpark Hochzillertal Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach
17.-18.01.2015 Action-Park Zillertal Arena Zillertal Arena
21.-22.02.2015 Vans Penken Park Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

Tour Partners:, Ride Snowboards, Vans, Red Bull, GoPro, SP Gadgets, Hintertuxer Gletscher, Tourism Association Tux Finkenberg, Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach, Zillertal Arena, Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, N.ASA

Photo Credits: Albert Binnekade

Watch the recap video of the 1st Zillertal Välley Rälley tourstop here: