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Banked Slalom in the heart of the Alps: CharitySläsh Banked Slalom!

The World Snowboard Federation Banked Slalom Tour 2017/18 returns to Austria for the “CharitySläsh Banked Slalom” race competition!

On 14th of April 2018, students of the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tyrol/Austria invite a maximum of 150 racers from around the world to join them for an unforgettable day of sports and fun.

“CharitySläsh Banked Slalom” will take place at K-Park Kühtai, 35 kilometers out of Innsbruck in the state of Tyrol. This location in the center of the Alps is the perfect spot for the planned race and afterparty in the heart of the mountains.

Every rider can participate 

The race track will be designed for snowboarders of every skill level. Professional racers and participants of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour are as much invited as kids and families. During the day the event area will be full of side programs, food and beverage supplies and a lottery with special prizes.

For side activity there will be a chill zone just at the finish area, where riders can connect and hang out together. As soon as the race is over all riders and participants are invited to the afterparty, featuring local DJ´s and dancing until 10 p.m. A bus shuttle will be provided after the party to bring all party guests to Innsbruck.

It´s for a good cause! 

Following the tradition of Cappuccino Club Innsbruck all surplus income will be donated to a local institution. All riders and visitors will also have the chance to donate directly to a donation box.

“We are looking forward to welcome the snowboard family in Austria! Our event is designed for everybody. It´s an honor to host a traditional event like a Banked Slalom and being part of the WSF Banked Slalom Tour”, says Melina Merkhoffer, head of the project team.

The registration starts at Monday, March 3rd 2018 under the following link:

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