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Piece Of Cake 2015

Piece of Cake, a girls only snowboard competition come back in Åre for the second edition! Today, Piece of Cake is Sweden’s largest and also the ONLY female snowboard competition within the category of slopestyle.


The reason we started Piece of Cake last winter was to engage more girls as part of the sport which has been minimal in recent years, and we also noticed that there is an especially great interest among the female riders for girl’s only competitions. Generally, there is very little focus on girls within boardsports and continued development of Piece of Cake feels like a given! We need a competition where girls are at the center, where development of girls and the sport takes a step in the right direction.

When: Saturday the 14’th of march 2015
Where: Åre Snow Park
Competition: Slopestyle

Youth: 13 – 15 years, born 02 – 00
Junior: 16 – 18 years, born 99 – 97
Senior: 19 – years, born 96 –

Security policy:
Helmet is mandatory
Disclaimer must be completed and submitted before the start.

Alcohol and drugs must not be used by participants during the competition phase. If this occurs, this individual will be disqualified and forced to cancel the competition.

Points in the World Snowboard Tour: Yes

Points in Swedish Snowboard Series: Riders who wish to have points in the SSS have to be member of a club affiliated to the Swedish Ski Association. For more info go to:

More info: