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Snowvalley Banked Ralley – Banked Slalom


2015After a good ten years of event organization and just a two year break to catch their breath, Snowvalley and the HCCP Crew got together to bring you a brand new format with an all new kick-ass event: The Snowvalley BANKED Ralley!

Where nowadays you almost loose count on the triple corks and 3+ rotations in events its time to go back to where it all began; shredding for fun!

We are proud to be Part of the frstever World Banked Slalom Tour by World Snowboarding Federation with our contest. So on 14th of February there will be a slalom from peak to bottom that will lead you through Planneralm’s rocking natural terrain. The riders will have all the capabilities to blast as fast & stylish as they can to the fnish. But there’s more! Throughout the run there will be obstacles that you can hit for extra time bonuses. Meaning the more style, the faster your time. You don’t even need hardboots to be the fastest!It will all be to bring that smile on your face when you fy down that mountain.If you’re more into park riding, we have that covered as well. Our park will be ready and fresh as a newborn baby. If you want to keep it mellow we’ve also got the Snowvalley Kids Rodeo waiting for you.When the day fied by we’ll all head down to The Rock, for a killer After-Contest- Party!Specially for this event we offer some interesting weekend packages.Don’t miss this epic weekend! We’ll see you on the mountain!

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