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10 tips for snowboarders in a quarantine

It’s been already few weeks since the word “quarantine” made its way into our lives. As we all try to keep our normal life going, it can happen that boredom finds us and hits hard. All of you snowboarders trapped in the quarantine might get to that point when you think of what to do. We know that the season was shortened by the Coronavirus and your minds are still full of snowboarding. That’s why we put together this list of activities that could help you ease the lack of snowboarding…

1. Fix your board!

We’re sure you hit some rocks and stones while riding this season. Your board deserves to be taken care of, so give it some love. The holes in the base are easy to fix, see for yourself:

2. Wax your board for late spring or early pre-season shred!

Depending on the level of optimism, you might see yourself shreding the re-opened spring or autumn glacier parks. You will be glad that your board is ready once the mountain starts calling you.

3. Watch an epic snowboarding documentary!

If you haven’t seen ‘The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding’ yet… you need to watch it now!

4. Read a quality book about the culture of snowboarding!

Have you heard of Curator – culture of snowboarding? The second edition was published not long ago and we recommend reading both as these are true masterpieces.

5. Edit your snowboarding shots from this season!

Your hard drive or GoPro are sure full of shots you filmed throughout the season. Now is the perfect time to put them together, create your own season edit and share it with the world! When you post, don’t forget to tag @world.snowboarding #worldsnowboarding

Here is a nice inspiration by Tyler Nicholson from 2016:

6. Educate yourself in avalanche safety!

The world is spinning faster these days than Dusty Henricken’s Quadruple Cork at Burton US Open 2020. You finally have the time to educate yourself in avalanche safety. This is something that takes time and you need to kind of focus on what you’re reading or watching. However, you might find this extremely helpful one day. You can simply start by googling “avalanche safety” and look for relevant articles, videos, etc.

7. Work on your Tailblocks!

Something you can really do in your living room. Just make sure there is a carpet or something on the ground. The challenge was kicked-off by Seb Toots few days ago, check it out!

8. Have a look at job / internship offers within the snowboarding industry!

Whether you currently have a job or not, it’s not a bad idea to have a look at what job offers are there on the market. You might run into something interesting. Check out

9. Get yourself some movement!

You can move yourself in your home as well. Did you know that? You can for example follow the tips of snowboarders like Aimee Fuller, who created a mellow handstand tutorial.

10. Think of what your abilities are besides snowboarding and join the volunteers out there!

The above mentioned 9 tips are the ones you can do for yourself. If there is something that you can do, and there is always something, to help the society make this current situation better – go for it!

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