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National Judges Education Clinic 2017/2018 – Report

At the end of September, the national judges education clinic went down in Bulgaria: Ivan Ivanov organised a great clinic and made all the judges feel great and embrace Bulgaria as it welcomed us with its usual Balkan hospitality.
Around 60 judges from 23 countries took part in this session and everybody was really satisfied for the great experience and outcomes, also thanks to the participation of Pat Duffy, legendary pro skater from California (also a skateboard judge).

The material, explained and showed during the clinic, was financed by the WSF and TTR to help all NSAs judges to provide the Judge Training in the Nation.


The National Judges Education Clinic includes two parts. The first part is the PowerPoint presentation and the second part are videos for amplitude, trick recognition, difficulty and videos for deductions and for practice judging with steno and ranking. It is course divided into two days. The main focus on the first day is on theory with some videos and the focus on the second day is on practice judging. The content of the presentation should be well structured and should allow a training for both beginning judges and advanced judges. If you have only advanced judges participating in the clinic you don’t need to spend too much time on Judging and Snowboard basics. Instead you should focus more on the videos. Please feel free to add general information and news from your nation by yourself. You also can choose a subject by of your own  for the last point – special topics – or you leave it. Timetable wise feel free to change according to your needs wherever you feel like going a little deeper into it. As the judge director of your Nation you should know your judges and where some more focus on theory or practice would be appreciated.


For deduction you have for each discipline Big Air, Rail, Slopestyle and Halfpipe 5 runs with small, medium and hard mistakes Men and Women mixed. For amplitude, trick recognition and difficulty you can choose some videos by yourself from the selection of all videos. I would recommend you to take some Men and Women mid level runs from Big Air, Rail Halfpipe and Slopestyle. The practice videos for Big Air, Rail, Slopestyle and Halfpipe you also have for Men and Women different level from low to pro level – attention there is not that many Slopestyle feeds (don’t waste them all for amplitude, trick recognition and difficulty).


For any further questions, feedbacks and material request, please contact directly Anna Negri (, WSF general secretary, who will provide you with further information or get you in touch with the people in charge.

Photo Credits by Bartek Golebiowski


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Dear Event Organizer!

The purpose of the Global Event Schedule is to collect the scheduled and planned dates of all snowboard events for the current and upcoming seasons to maintain a global event schedule and planning calendar for snowboarding.

The registration for the Global Event Schedule is not binding, free of charge and open to all events regardless of their affiliation or sanctioning.

Events can register their event dates for the seasons: 2017/18 – 2018/19 – 2019/20.


What is the unified Global Event Schedule for?
A unified, comprehensive global event schedule helps events, athletes, coaches, organisations and other industry players to prepare the upcoming seasons. It helps to plan travel, reduces travel time and costs and will provide a foundation to organise the sport of snowboarding more effectively. It enables event organisers and organisations to identify and prevent potential date clashes and can thus ensure the best possible rider line up, medial and public attention for each event.

Tentative Status
Your event will be listed on the Global Event Schedule and shown with status “Planned”. Date of the event, disciplines and event level are tentative and may be subject to change. You can submit your event dates for future seasons and we will display events as planned until the dates are finally confirmed.

Confirmed Status
Once you have registered for the Global Event Schedule we will contact you at a later time and ask you to confirm your dates.The green icon indicates that this event has been confirmed with its dates, disciplines and event level.

For any questions feel free to contact us at:
Simon Bischof:



A bright future for snowboard is awaiting!

The results of years of work and the three intense days of joint sessions between WSF and TTR will lead to a unique, powerful joint organisation. The new organization will represent all snowboarding stakeholders, finally coming together to shape a bright future for snowboarding.

Working Groups and their leaders where appointed by the joint TTR and WSF Board of Directors and the updates and progresses in the merge will be sent out to all nations, riders and event representatives.

‘I am very happy that this merger has been agreed upon. Both organisations have been working towards this common goal for many years. We at the WSF organise stimulating and fun activities that grow and develop snowboarding in the true spirit of the sport. Combine that with the vast history of all of the sports greatest events that have grown alongside TTR Pro Snowboarding makes the new organisation very powerful` says Meinhard Trojer, World Snowboard Federation President.

(metterei magari il link all’articolo solo del merge)

Committee report

Within 2016.17, WSF functioned as service provider for event applications and rankings of Regional and National World Snowboard Tour events, with 66 Regional Events and 70 National Events, for a total of 136 events in 17 different nations around the globe. Looking at the largest and only youth snowboard series in the world, the World Rookie Tour: more than 1000 Rookies and Groms out of 31 nations participated in 12 stops. Another emerging project is the Banked Slalom: with a very easy concept, it was able to get 19 events on board in 6 Nations.

Thomas Wagner from IJC, presented and showed the work done during judge clinics and presented the dates of the next one: in Sofia, Bulgaria from 22nd-24th September 2017 and in Park City, USA in October, from 13th-15th.

The education committee was involved in different areas, from the WSF Pro Women Project (two events, Finland and Nepal), production of, publishing and presenting scientific articles and organizing clinics during World Rookie Tour Stops.

Finally, an overview of the media activities from WSF was provided, showing results and reports from the season of the website, Facebook page, twitter, newsletter, press releases and internal communication.

More info:

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TTR Pro Snowboarding and World Snowboard Federation Create One Joint Organisation

Effective immediately, the two powerhouses of competitive and grass roots snowboarding, TTR Pro Snowboarding (TTR) and the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) have decided to become united and form one joint organisation.

By combining the passion and the assets of the TTR and WSF, snowboarding will now have a majority share of the ‘whole of sport’ platform that will be further developed in the best interest of the riders on all levels for the seasons ahead.

The joint organisation will represent Nations, Event Organisers and Riders, with all key stakeholders finally coming together in one organization to shape the future of snowboarding.

This fusion of both organisations will aggregate a network of people with vast ‘whole of sport’ knowledge, key assets like the World Snowboard Tour, the WSPL (World Snowboarding Points List), the Global Season Calendar, the Planning Calendar, Sports Data and Stats Center, Officials’ Education Program and Event Certification resources. Most importantly, this merger will bring together the largest collective of competitive snowboarders and snowboarding events on the planet!

‘I am very happy that this merger has been agreed upon. Both organisations have been working towards this common goal for many years. We at the WSF organise stimulating and fun activities that grow and develop snowboarding in the true spirit of the sport. Combine that with the vast history of all of the sports greatest events that have grown alongside TTR Pro Snowboarding makes the new organisation very powerful.’

Meinhard Trojer – World Snowboard Federation President

‘This step is one of the most important ones in the history of snowboarding. The fusion of TTR and WSF will give relevant weight and room for the future development of snowboarding as an independent sport and lifestyle culture. All members of TTR and WSF have jointly built the stepping stone for the future of snowboarding with an overwhelming sense of fairness.’

Reto Lamm – TTR Pro Snowboarding President 


The current worldwide competition landscape is extremely vital. By becoming one organization we are uniting a vast number of events and serve a growing number of snowboarders who compete on the World Snowboard Tour. Over 1000 events and in excess  of 10,000 active competitors, the new WSF represents snowboarding like no other organization in the world.

‘The ability to represent grass-roots competitive snowboarding worldwide, is well in line with our mission at USASA.  We are looking forward to continuing with the momentum from the WSF General Assembly 2017 in support of the proposed merger’

Mike Mallon Executive Director USASA

‘The alignment of WSF / TTR is a great next step in the evolution of the sport. For athletes, coaches, event delivery, partners and producers there is a clearer pathway for participants and competitions at each stage of the pathway. Now, national federations can see where events and athletes can develop more concrete plans to continue to progress both event evolution and athlete skill progression.’

Dustin Heise Sport Development Senior Director Canada Snowboard

Following the General Assembly in Verona, Italy, the merging process has been brought to its final phase after years of hard work to align the multiple shareholders and members of both organisations. As of today the work begins on the day-to-day administration of the major combined assets the World Snowboard Tour and the WSPL with the help of all member nations and their event organisers. In October 2017 an Extraordinary General Assembly will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, where the final pieces of the puzzle will be legally joined and the new board and new combined association President elected.


The WSPL, the core component of the World Snowboard Tour platform used by athletes to check their results and world ranking position, by all International and Elite events for seeding athletes, and by NSOs for selecting National and Olympic teams and by the media for clarity of sport communication was deliberately restricted in January 2017 by TTR Pro Snowboarding. This drastic move, which temporarily handicapped the WSPL’s value was aimed at triggering action from the snowboard community into financially backing a service that until this merger was fully financed by TTR Pro Snowboarding and its event members. With the merger complete and all NSOs in agreement the WSPL is now going to be reinstalled to its previous functionality for everyone to use freely with confidence that the system is the only true and complete ranking service for competitive snowboarding. This service will also become available to other non-freestyle disciplines as the WSF expands its servicing of its NSO members.

‘By becoming one, the new organization is well positioned to coordinate, support and communicate the interest of the world’s best snowboarders, all the national associations, as well as independent event organizers and the snowboarding industry. The new organisation can work with all parties on the global snowboarding stage to achieve a more sustainable competitive snowboarding landscape. This is everyone’s responsibility, and we call upon all to contribute in the best interest of the sport.’

Ola Keul, President of the Norwegian Snowboard Association


WSF Press Team

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TTR/FIS/WSF Judge Session 2016

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) in collaboration with Ticket to Ride (TTR) and FIS are happy to invite you to the Judges Clinic 2016 that will take place in Austria, September 22rd – 25th, 2016.

The goal of the second edition of this new international clinic is to create a uniform judging platform that spans all levels of snowboarding competition. This will make judging far more consistent for both the riders and judges alike.

Here the registration form that includes all information about certifications, program and accommodation.

For general questions please contact Meinhard Trojer (

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Reports from 2016 WSF and TTR Joint General Assembly: A New Direction For Snowboarding

At the annual WSF and TTR GA, held in Kleinarl, Austria, delegates from 22 Nations joined the two day long meetings, representing National Snowboard Associations, Riders, Event Organizers and Boardsports Media. 

WSF And TTR Drive All Aspects Of Snowboarding Into Its Next Phase

The results of last months of workgroups and last days of joint sessions between WSF and TTR moves snowboarding forward in an unrivalled way. During their meetings, WSF and TTR agreed to collectively pave the way to create a new governing structure for International Snowboarding. The new organisation will serve Snowboarding on all levels, in a completely neutral way, smashing down walls that have built up over years adding to an already splintered landscape for competition snowboarding. The future will provide a transparent non-confrontational and unified sports system that will be extremely easy for the world to navigate.

With immediate effect, Nations Representatives, Event Organiser Representatives and a Rider Representative will develop necessary structural details under the leadership of TTR President Reto Lamm.

Working Groups and Consultants appointed during the GA contribute and oversee the developments, and reports will be provided to the public on a regular basis.

WCS GmbH, the joint company owned by WSF and TTR, will act as executional body for all commercial matters.

In the near future the final structure will be proposed that combines a global Snowboard Association and a company to serve the changed world of snowboarding.

The leverage on moving with the needs of the industry will have a huge impact on Snowboarding now and in the future.

Adapting to the current needs of the riders, national associations and industry is our primary goal.” says Meinhard Trojer, President of WSF.

TTR President Reto Lamm concludes: “The way riders and organisers are included gives everyone a clear responsibility, and things will improve even more based on our new ideas.


Developing Women Snowboarding As Core Competence

The WSF Education Committee held a workshop that gained valuable insights to progress female snowboarding. Results of the workshop will be analysed and published on the WSF website. “Leveraging existing synergies and looking at each host country individually will be key to our growth. The workshop was perceived with great interest, and challenges are ready to be turned into opportunities in Women Snowboarding.” says Miriam Deller who initiated WSF Pro Women within the Education Committee in 2015.

Market Development and Media Trends

Marco Sampaoli, WSF Vice President, provided an overview of the status of the European Winter Sports and Outdoor Market. Current trends imply that collaborations between resorts, tourism institutions, governments and sports federations become increasingly necessary. Looking at relevant data from snowboarding and related sports provided a vivid picture of the recent and coming developments. “More than ever, successful strategies will be based on a combination of deep knowledge of market trends and the ability to swiftly integrate them.’ comments Marco Sampaoli.


Election Results at WSF and TTR General Assemblies

The WSF Board 2016/17 consists of nine members:

President, Meinhard Trojer, Austria
Vice President, Marco Sampaoli, Italy
Vice President, Sacha Giger, Switzerland (newly appointed)
Treasurer, Shigeru Ishihara, Japan
Board Member, Robert Joncas, Canada
Board Member, Paul Krahulec, USA (newly elected)
Board Member, Miriam Deller, China (re-elected)
Board Member, Gian Luca Zanetti, Italy (re-elected)
TTR Representative, to be announced

Highly valued WSF Secretary Anna-Maria Strittmatter moves to a new position and remains a consultant for the World Snowboard Federation until a replacement will be announced.

TTR voted for a new structure for their Board:

President, Reto Lamm, Switzerland
Vice President Maria McNulty, USA
Executive Board Member, Eric Webster, USA
Executive Board Member, Rich Hegarty, Australia
Executive Board Member, Alexander Doerr, Germany
Board Member, Josef Harml, Austria
Board Member, Christian Scheidl, Austria
Board Member, Satu Jarvela, Finland
Board Member, Marc Bajona, Spain
Board Member, Martin Boettger, Germany
Board Member, Sandro Garcia Egoavil, Spain
WSF Representative, Meinhard Trojer, Austria

For updates and more informations:

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WSF Event Info for Event Organizers World Snowboard Tour

Event Organizers, we hereby provide you the necessary infos on how to get your events part of the World Snowboard Tour and its ranking systems. The WSF continues working together with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner of the World Snowboard Tour and WSPL. Below you will find all the information for Regional and National Level for the Season 2015.16!


While the Southern Hemisphere is in the middle of its season, the Northern Hemisphere is preparing for the next fantastic winter coming up. We hereby provide you the necessary infos on how to get your events part of the World Snowboard Tour and its ranking systems. The WSF continues working together with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner of the World Snowboard Tour and WSPL.

The WSF, as service provider, has been granted the exclusive and world-wide right to approve any events for the World Snowboard Tour on REGIONAL and NATIONAL level in collaboration with the TTR Tour Management.

Event requirements.
In the attachment you can find the PDF-forms showing the requirements for the different levels. All event applications will be evaluated according to these requirements. In addition, the WSF and the WST logos should be included in all promotional material for the event such as posters, banners, bibs, backdrop walls etc.

WSF Logos:
WST Logos:

Event Benefits.
WSF is working generously in providing the nations and event organizers qualitative services for their REGIONAL and NATIONAL level events. The attached documents give a detailed overview about the profits you may get from your events by both: WSF as well as by being part of the World Snowboard Tour, such as TTR Annual Membership.

Please use the attached APPLICATION FORM (xls-file) for your event applications. Its’ easy: Just fill out the single columns with event
information and send them to the WSF Event Coordinator

WSF Event Ranking Fees.
REGIONAL: 200 Euro (+60 Euro for additional disciplines)
NATIONAL: 700 Euro (+210 Euro for additional disciplines)
WSF is offering a discount for tours and womens only events – please have a look at the WST REQUIREMENTS & BENEFITS for more details.

You will all receive an invoice based on the number of events approved. Results from events will not be uploaded until fee is paid successfully.


Look for
– REGIONAL Event Requirements & Event Benefits
– NATIONAL Event Requirements & Event Benefits
– Event Application Form

All information / applications to be sent to

World Snowboard Federation:
World Snowboard Tour:
WST Event Organizer Downloads:

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$500,000 (US) Prize Money at the World Championship of Snowboarding!

TTR and the WSF will host the World Championships of Snowboarding in Slopestyle, Big Air and Halfpipe. Backing up the success of the Oslo World Champs, China is out to prove to the world just what a future they have in their new market of snowboarding especially now that they have the Winter Olympics in 2022.

With this being their first major international snowboarding event and a test event for the 2022 Olympics, China is bound to put on a show. The TTR team has been working closely with the host city delegation to ensure a smooth landing for athletes and teams and to make sure their vision for competition infrastructure is at the top of its game. Qualification will be through the World Snowboard Points List (WSPL). As a late entry into the snowboarding marketplace, China with its massive population could make a huge difference for snowboarding worldwide!

For more info go to


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The Rider License Program

The Rider License Program is a service package created for the riders competing regularly at events on the World Snowboard Tour. The TTR (the organization who manages the WST) provides a growing range of professional services for amateur and pro athletes, including the WST website, event schedule, event profiles, event registration, individual rider profiles, keeping track of your career results, processing results and assigning ranking points, generating and maintaining the WSPL and WST rankings on a weekly basis 52 weeks a year. With the yearly purchase of a rider license, riders make a contribution to finance these services and support the sport. It allows us to provide and finance consistent and professional services and helps us to become independent from sponsorship income.

The Riders Tour License Package includes:

  • Competition license for World Snowboard Tour events
  • Entry Rights for World Snowboard Tour events (as per entry protocols)
  • Processing and managing of rider event results
  • Assigning ranking points for rider placements
  • Weekly World Snowboard Tour Ranking Updates
  • Weekly World Snowboarding Points Lists Updates
  • Online Registration System for many World Snowboard Tour Events
  • Individual Rider Profile with photo, results, stats, sponsors and personal information
  • Career Result Archive and Rider Ranking Profiles
  • Access to the World Snowboard Tour membership system to manage rider profile on
  • Uploading rider profile pictures / action photos (rights free)
  • Database Maintenance
  • Support and Troubleshooting
The Riders Tour License Fee is affordable:
  • EARLY BIRD FEE:    $40 (US) in the period July 7 – October 31, 2015
  • REGULAR FEE:        $60 (US) in the period November 1 – December 15
  • LATE-SHOW FEE:    $100 (US) after December 15, 2015
  • Payment will by credit card
For Registration go to:
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WSF General Assembly 2015 Countdown

In less than 15 days the world of snowboarding will meet in Vienna to discuss about the future of the sport. WSF encourage the NSA delegates responsible for events and grass root development to join the following two interactive sessions:

Open Workshop on Event, Judging and Ranking (Friday, 29. May. 2:30pm) 

The workshop hosted by the WSF Event and WSF Judge Committtee serves as an open discussion platform for all competition format and judging related topics. All interested parties are invited to attend or, if this is not possible, submit their questions and suggestions beforehand. The questions will be discussed in an open forum. Wherever possible, immediate solutions will be found and answers will be given. All other areas that are identified will be prepared as part of the committees and updates will follow in fall 2015.


Panel on grass root development (Friday, 29. May. 4:30pm)

In the panel, the work on grass root development in the different countries will be addressed extensively. By releasing a document on how to develop of a strong snowboard community, the WSF Education Committee will make the experience gained by “model of best practices” available to all WSF members. The panel aims at exchanging experience and expertise in order to motivate all NSAs be active in this field.


Beside those 2 important sessions, the agenda of the weekend includes various meetings of common interest for all: NSAs, riders, TTR delegates, event organizers, and snowboard industries. Please read the schedule below:

Program for the weekend
Location: Fleming’s Hotel Westbahnhof, Vienna, Austria

Friday, 29th of May 2015

09:00 WSF Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting
11:30 Strategy meetings WSF BoD and TTR BoD
12:30 Lunch
13:30 WSF GA: Welcome / short recap of 2014.15
14:30 Workshop on events, judging and rankings
16:30 Panel on grass root development
17:30 WSF/TTR session: WCS Yabuli 2016
19:00 End of meetings
20:00 Common Dinner with TTR at Restaurant Steman

Saturday, 30th of May 2015

09:00 WSF/TTR Joint Session
– Status WSF / Status TTR
– Future Tour Structure
– Integration of riders interests
– Judging & Education
12:30 Lunch
14:00 WSF GA: Proposal and Approvals
15:00 WSF GA: Elections of the BoD
16:30 TTR GA & Votes
18:00 WSF BoD meeting with new elected BoD
20:30 Dinner & Party at Restaurant: Heuriger Hengl-Haselbrunner

Sunday, 31st of May 2014

11:00 WSF and TTR individual meetings / committee meetings
13:00 GA closed

If you are not able to attend, you can submit your questions to


WSF Press Team