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Last Call for 2016 Völkl World Rookie Finals

It’s that time of year again – From 5 to 10 April 2016, the world’s top rookies are coming to Ischgl!


Black Yeti once again welcomes in Ischgl the World’s top rookie riders to a battle over World Rookie Champions titles. The famous freestyle playground of Ischgl Snowpark on the Austrian Alps is ready to host the younger shredders and their amazing runs during the 2016 Völkl World Rookie Finals, from 5 to 10 April 2016.

Beside the contest, the organizers set up a stunning lifestyle event. Rookies will enjoy a bunch of entertaining side activities as the interesting Insect Snak Workshop by Snak Insect, First Aid and Gummi Love Workshops, and Longboard Do it yourself Workshop by Ruffboards.

All the top riders of the World Rookie Rank has been nominated and, together with the winners of the previous qualifiers events, are admitted at the 2016 Volkl World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, where the World Rookie Champions will be awarded! Please find more information and find all the riders admitted here.

If you are a snowboard fan or if your dream is to start a professional snowboard carrier, then Ischgl, Austria, is the place to be from April 5 to April 10.

All information on the program, registration form and photos, are attached to this email. Further information about the event can be found online at

Registration, info and bookings:


Photo Credits: Gustav Ohlsson

If you dream to become a professional snowboarder, then your future starts from Rookie Fest!

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2015.16 World Rookie Tour – Calendar
South America Rookie Fest (SS) . Valle Nevado, Chile 21.23 August 2015 – DONE
Corvatsch Rookie Fest (SS) . Corvatsch, Swiss . postponed to 17.20 December 2015 – DONE
Iceripper Rookie Fest (HP) . Laax, Swiss 06.09 January 2016 – DONE
World Rookie Fest (SS) . Livigno, Italy 09.14 January 2016 – DONE
Peyragudes Rookie Fest (SS) . Peyragudes, France 21.24 January 2016 – DONE
Transilvania Rookie Fest (SS) . Arena Platos, Romania 05.07 February 2016 – Deleted
Oslo Rookie Fest (SS) . Oslo Vinterpark, Norway 26.28 February 2016 – DONE
Indy Park Rookie Fest (SS) . Nekoma, Japan 27.28 February 2016 – DONE
Trentino Rookie Fest (SS) . Monte Bondone, Italy 02.06 March 2016 – DONE
Bulgarian Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Pamporovo, Bulgaria 15.17 March 2016 – Deleted
Revolution Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Seven Springs Resort, USA 15.16 March 2016 – DONE
Völkl World Rookie Finals (SS) . Ischgl, Austria 05.10 April 2016
World Rookie Shooting . Mottolino Snowpark, Livigno, Italy. 10.13 Aprile 2016 NEW!

Age Groups
WSF rookie events are reserved to Rookies (born from 1st of January 1998 to 31st of December 2000) and Grom (born from 1st of January 2001 and up), both boys and girls. All contests of the World Rookie Tour will generate valuable results for the TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranks and for the World Rookie Rank developed by World Snowboard Federation.


The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) is the international organization exclusively working to develop the sport of snowboarding at all levels. Program areas include: competitions, Para-Snowboard, judge and shapers, education and certification, and snowboard activities for riders of every age. The WSF represents a network of National Snowboard Associations (NSAs) who work together at a worldwide level to promote the development of snowboarding. NSA members can find a source of inspiration and support from the WSF for the activities they are conducting within their nation and by working towards the same goal: progression of snowboarding from the ground up. The WSF collaborates with the TTR Pro Snowboarding, the owner and operator of the TTR World Snowboard Tour and the TTR World Ranking System. Through this collaboration and coordination of events at the TTR World Snowboard Tour, The WSF and the TTR want to create an environment that fosters the development of competitive snowboarding. In February 2012, the WSF and the TTR hosted the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway, an elite level event to be held every four years in alternating cities around the world. Official website:

About TTR Pro Snowboarding & World Snowboard Tour
TTR Pro Snowboarding is a non-profit organization that oversees a professional network of events and athletes. Our objective is to develop and showcase the sport of snowboarding through the World Snowboard Tour, while facilitating a fair and open competition environment that includes innovative judging and ranking systems. We encourage riders to develop from rookies into world-class athletes through a 6 Star level rating system; which will be replaced by a new 4-tiered structure from October 2014. Under the new World Snowboard Tour 2.0, the 4-tiered structure will encompass Elite, International, National, and Regional event levels. Elite events will comprise the WST Pro Series (current working title). The Regional, National, and International levels of the WST 2.0 will make up the WST Qualifying Series (working title).

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Riders admitted at the 2016 Volkl World Rookie Finals

The top riders of the World Rookie Rank has been nominated and, together with the winners of the previous qualifiers events, are admitted at the 2016 Volkl World Rookie Finals in Ischgl, where the World Rookie Champions will be awarded!


– Riders, male and female, born 1st January 1998 and younger are admitted.
– Riders will be divided in 2 age groups: born before/after 2001.
– Only riders from WSF member nations are admitted.
– Qualified are the top 20 riders of the World Rookie Rank (top 20 male, top 20 female) + the top 10 riders from the Grom rank by the 23th of march 2016. You can check the rookie ranks down here.
– Additional every Nation is allowed to nominate 2 Rookies Men, 1 Rookie Girl, 1 Grom Men, 1 Grom Girl.
– The top 3 riders, both male and female / Rookie and Grom, from the previous international stops in Chile, Switzerland (Corvatsch and Laax), Italy (Livigno and Monte Bondone), France, Norway, USA and Japan are already qualified to the Volkl World Rookie Finals. National secretary or national coaches are allowed to send their team inscriptions.

NB: for grom males we decided to extend the admission to the first 20.

Also, every WSF member’s nation has 5 more wild card to be assigned.



1. Roll Bettina (NOR)
2. Steffensen Tina (NOR)
3. Wicki Berenice (SUI)
4. Mylius Maria (NOR)
5. Olsen Stine Espeli (NOR)
6. Ettel Leilani Sunshine (GER)
7. Rue Andrea (NOR)
8. Mueller Anna (SUI)
9. Misund Ine Marie (NOR)
10. Loetscher Isabelle (SUI)


1. Imai Kurumi (JAP)
2. Sena Tomita (JAP)
3. Arthur Emily (AUS)
4. Asaya Junna (JAP)
5. Barrett Madison (USA)
6. Kwon Sunoo (KOR)
7. Eilertsen Hanne (NOR)
8. Jenner Clara Love (USA)
9. Prantis Mary (USA)
10. Frisvold Nora Liberg (NOR)
11. Suffys Manon (BEL)
12. Parkkisenniemi Emmi (FIN)
13. Molodyh Livia (USA)
14. Valentine Anna (USA)
15. Thidling Ayla (GBR)
16. Nymoen Ingvild (NOR)
17. Bruserud Marie (NOR)
18. Kralj Eva (SLO)
19. Fortune Cassandra Louise (AUS)
20. Raeisaenen Ida (FIN)


1. Karakoca Talha (GER)
2. Rupp Elias (SUI)
3. Vicktor Noah (GER)
4. Danielsen Jonas (NOR)
5. Camenzind Samuel (SUI)
6. Allenspach Elias Gian (SUI)
7. Vik Sebastian (NOR)
8. Neff Cedric (SUI)
9. Taklo Johannes (NOR)
10. Groterud Magnus (NOR)
11. Guetl Leon (GER)
12. Jaros Samuel (SVK)
13. Mathisen William (SWE)
14. Leitner Jannis (SUI)
15. Andenmatten Mika (SUI)
16. Puenter Nick (SUI)
17. Bothe Niclas (GER)
18. Skjoemming Kristian (NOR)
19. MacFadyen Griffin (USA)
20. Skogheim Joachim (NOR)


1. Eckhoff Mathias (NOR)
2. Gjerdalen Bendik (NOR)
3. Ulstein Isak (NOR)
4. Sutter Gian (SUI)
5. Stante Tit TITO (SLO)
6. Miller Tobin (USA)
7. Laesser Martin (SUI)
8. Preissinger Maximilian (GER)
9. Okamoto Wataru (JPN)
10. Vaagsdal Mathias (NOR)
11. Leenderts Emil (NOR)
12. Amsuess Moritz (AUT)
13. Fischer Florian (SUI)
14. Wiik Olav (NOR)
15. Kleveland Marcus (NOR)
16. Blackwell Chase Thomas (USA)
17. Sklellanger Tveiten Sindre (NOR)
18. Bowman Joshua (USA)
19. Frammarin Loris (ITA)
20. Schiegg Robin (SUI)

Below you can find the riders admitted:

in here you can download all the full rookie and grom ranks at march the 23rd:




Bianca GislerI (SUI)
Chutz Elena (SUI
Tina Steffensen (NOR)
Luan Salgueira (FRA)
Emma Gennero (ITA)
Marilù Poluzzi (ITA)
Margaux Herpin (FRA)
Molly Philips (FRA)
Asanuma Hinari (JPN)
Murase Kokomo (JPN)
Murase Yura (JPN)
Wicki Berenice (SUI)
Muller Anna (SUI)
Tanno Livia (SUI)
Steffensen Tina (NOR)
Mylius Maria (NOR)
Bakke Emma (NOR)
Salgueira Luan (FRA)
Deloriere Kiara (FRA)
Guitard Zoe (FRA)
Reira Iwabuchi (JPN)


Antonia Yañez (CHI)
Mai Gonzalez (CHI)
Albertin Sina (SUI)
Brodier Juliette (FRA)
Henna Ikola (FIN)
Nora Frisvold (NOR)
Hanne Eilertsen (NOR)
Chloé Silliers (FRA)
Emmi Parkkisenniemi (FIN)
Lucie Silvestre (FRA)
Suffys Manon (BEL)
Bischof Babet (SUI)
Parkkisenniemi Emmi (FIN)
Bruserud Marie (NOR)
Herleiksplass Elise Seljevoll (NOR)
Komuro Yuuna (JPN)
Takahashi Aoi (JPN)
Aizawa Mao (JPN)
Abou Lola (FRA)


Alvaro Yañez (CHI)
Julian Cortes (CHI)
Benja Yañez (CHI)
Jaros Samuel (SK)
Camezind Samuel (SUI)
Neff Cedric (SUI)
Elias Rupp (SUI)
Casper Wolf (NED)
Samuel Camenzind (SUI)
Rakim Foy (NED)
Joey Van Der Noort (NED)
Gabriel Adam (GBR)
Umehara Souta (JPN)
Kunitake Hiroaki (JPN)
Kimata Ryoma (JPN)
Vicktor Noah (GER)
Guetl Leon (GER)
Puenter Nick (SUI)
Mathisen William (SWE)
Ndoumbe Natan Elijah (FRA)
Artus Brian (FRA)
Merimee Luca (FRA)
Takeru Otsuka (JPN)


Fede Chiradio (Arg)
Bruno Natalucci (Arg)
Erik Bastiaansen (NED)
Niek Van Der Velden (NED)
Tom Harveyson (AUS)
Khadarin Vladislav (RUS)
Fischer Florian (SUI)
Sutter Gian Andrea (SUI)
Nicola Liviero (ITA)
Sebastian Springeth (ITA)
Loris Framarin (ITA)
Van der Velden Niek (NED)
Mustonen Ville (FIN)
Ulstein Isak (NOR)
Gjerdalen Bendik (NOR)
Eckhoff Mathias (NOR)
Valax, Enzo (FRA)
Miramond de laroquette Adrien (FRA)
Chaminade Tanguy (FRA)
Miyazawa, Yutaro (JPN)
Suzuki, Atsuhiro (JPN)
Hiroaka Keitaro (JPN)
Gauger Wendelin (SUI)