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Peetu Piiroinen and Jamie Anderson crowned Big Air World Champions

In a spectacular display of world class snowboarding in front of an enthusiastic crowd with many people witnessing snowboard for the very first time, the Big Air World Champions were crowned today at the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding in Yabuli, China. Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) and Jamie Anderson (USA) are the new TTR and WSF Big Air World Champions.


Next level riding by the women
The women’s competition took off with a level of riding rarely seen in a competition to date. All the riders, both newcomers and the more experienced riders, pushed each other to new heights. In the end it was Jamie Andersen who could take home the gold medal and a 40 000 USD price purse. Anderson, one of the most-winning riders in the history of snowboarding, stomped a perfect Cab 720 Tail.

Fierce battles between the guys
In the men’s Big Air Finals, the riders where up for a fierce battle. In the end it was the young, Finnish veteran Peetu Piiroinen who landed the best trick, a perfect Cab 1440 Mute. He was followed by Kyle Mack (USA) on second place and Sebastien
Toutant (CAN) on third.

*Please find the full result lists to be found below.



10 Women advanced in today’s Slopestyle Qualifications
On mountain, the female Slopestyle riders fought for their spots in the Semi-Finals. Julianne O’Neill (USA) lead the riders field scoring 81.90 points in a super creative run which qualified her as first. The Semi-Finals will be staged tomorrow for both,
women and men.

Halfpipe competitions cancelled due to critical conditions
The halfpipe competitions at the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding 2016 in Yabuli, China were cancelled due to critical conditions in the interest of the safety of the riders. The decision was made jointly by TTR, WSF and the local organizing committee after an extensive consultation with riders, coaches and team managers. Ice rain on March 4th and 5th lead to difficult snow conditions, which did not allow shaping a safe world-class halfpipe in time for competition. The venue crew had tried everything possible to ensure a safe contest for both women and men. TTR and WSF would like to thank the riders and nations for their support and understanding.

Results Big Air Finals Men
1 27 PIIROINEN Peetu FIN 88.80 81.00 85.00 173.80
2 42 MACK Kyle USA 85.00 28.60 87.00 172.00
3 28 TOUTANT Sebastien CAN 92.80 15.40 78.20 171.00
4 166 TONTERI Roope FIN 80.60 65.80 87.00 167.60
5 1 GULDEMOND Chas USA 72.20 70.60 16.80 142.80
6 26 JAERVILEHTO Kalle FIN 87.80 29.20 41.80 129.60
7 29 PARROT Max CAN 14.60 90.00 18.60 108.60
8 39 THORGREN Sven SWE 82.00 22.80 25.20 107.20

Results Big Air Finals Women
1 173 ANDERSON Jamie USA 83.40 75.00 79.60 163.00
2 19 RUKAJÄRVI Enni FIN 76.40 17.60 65.80 142.20
3 176 JENSON Jessika USA 7.40 67.80 59.00 126.80
4 183 BLOUIN Laurie CAN 95.40 9.40 10..40 105.80
5 151 MARINO Julia USA 11.80 30.60 72.20 102.80
6 184 O´BRIEN Spencer CAN 11.20 12.80 15.20 28.00