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Due to the challenges the present Covid-19 situation puts on the entire snowboarding community, we want to offer some support. To keep the spirit alive and get the most out of this season as possible, we decided to waive all event fees. 


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The World Snowboarding event schedule is open to all events regardless of their affiliation with a national or international governing body! Events can submit their event dates for the seasons: 2020/21 – 2021/22 – 2022/23. Submitting event dates for up to two years in advance will help build a planning schedule.

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The WSPLs for Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and Big Air are the only worldwide accepted, fair, and transparent universal ranking system for freestyle snowboarding. All Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air event results are included, regardless of the event’s affiliation, the national organization, host, or promoter.

Processing event results for the WSPLs
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Rider: Dusty Henricksen
Photo: U.S. Ski & Snowboard



Interview: With Tassilo Hager about CURATOR – cult of snowboarding books

We believe that for most of you snowboarding is an integral part of your life. If we’re right you love snowboarding’s unique culture. So does Tassilo Hager who is behind the CURATOR – cult of snowboarding books. It hasn’t been long since the second edition was published and we thought it would be cool to have a chat with Taz himself.

This is also a perfect time to read books and refresh your library as we’re in our homes and the boredom might start to creep in. If you feel like it’s your case exactly, you can use the promo code at the end of the article and get 25% off your order!

Hi Taz! Where & how are you handling the current situation?

I am currently home in Munich, Germany, working from my apartment and using the newly gained extra time to be with my wife and 9 month old son. When I look out of my window I can see the mountains and a skatepark right below my house. You can imagine how frustrating it is to have both right in front of your nose and still not be able to do anything with it.

In the first book you wrote that you felt the need of “curation” of the crazy amount of snowboarding content all around us. How did you come up with the idea for a curation through a book?

I started snowboarding in the mid-nineties and everything I know about snowboarding and the people behind it I learned from magazines and videos. These two media have always belonged together for me. If I thought a rider was the coolest because of his video part, I also wanted to know what was going on in his head. The guys who turned out to be not only stylish snowboarders but also extraordinary personalities became my idols. I think snowboarding is even more fun when you start to get to know the people and the incredible creativity behind it. In this sense, Curator is perhaps even something like a teaching book. 

The way we consume snowboarding today does not offer much space to present characters. You always get small, light snacks mainly in the form of Instagram clips. We are presented with crazy tricks and lines, but the personalities behind them are becoming less and less important. 

So,what I mean by “curating” is to filter out those characters who have more to offer than just their snowboarding. If you can remember a certain trick a rider did just as well as a certain sentence he said, then my goal is achieved. 

How do you feel about the snowboarding’s print media disappearing from the world? Do you think there is space for a resurrection at some point?

I had the opportunity to work as a freelance editor for Pleasure Snowboard Magazine for 12 years. The guys at Pleasure have always understood that the aesthetic component of a magazine is at least as important as the content. There are not many magazines that have been produced for so many years at such a high quality level. During my time at Pleasure I studied linguistics and publishing and also worked in a bookstore. So I have always had a very deep relationship with print. Compared to a magazine, every Curator book also contains a large amount of manual work.The binding of the thread, the gluing of the endpapers with the book spine or the mixing of the colours for the iris print. I am there myself and it is an incredible feeling of satisfaction to hold a finished book in my hands after all the different steps. 

I find the variety of today’s media exciting and useful. Online magazines, podcasts and social media all have their place and purpose. I don’t think that print magazines will come back in a big way, but that has nothing to do with the printed medium itself, but with the way to get hold of an actual copy. We have all become insanely lazy and we are used to everything being for free somehow. When we are at the train station or an airport, we don’t go to the kiosk anymore but rather stare at our phone. Print is becoming more and more a medium that you need to enjoy in peace and quiet at home. Like a bottle of wine. The quality should be accordingly. Nevertheless, even as a high quality book, you always compete with the internet and its global connectivity. I knew that a project like Curator would only work if it was available worldwide. Curator is available in shops in Japan, Sweden, Holland, France or Australia to name just a few examples and if you order your book online you get free shipping worldwide. This way Curator is already read in more than 50 countries.

How do you choose the stories or characters you publish? Is the process based on your personal views or do you get inspiration elsewhere too?

I actually draw inspiration from everywhere. Probably the biggest difference between Curator and other snowboard media is that it’s not all about the current generation of snowboard pros. It’s not even just about pros, let alone only about snowboarding topics. In my eyes the snowboard culture is a hodgepodge of different characters and influences. Fashion, music, art, nature and urbanity all these things shape the way snowboarding presents itself.

What was the general feedback on the first book? Did you use any of it for the second edition? What have you done differently in the second book?

I got an incredible amount of feedback, but interestingly enough, hardly any suggestions what the second book should be about. Much more in the sense that people liked the somewhat untypical combination of content and therefore expected to be surprised with the second volume as well. I have tried to live up to that claim. Regardless of the content, it is fascinating what possibilities book printing and binding offers. My idea was to keep the format but to experiment with printing techniques and materials for each new book. Curator is the alternative to the omnipresent single-use-products. The books are meant to be picked up again and again to flip through. In a few years, when you take one of the Curator books off the shelf, it will inevitably cause you to feel transported back to a certain time. Hopefully a time when snowboarding meant a lot to you and made you happy.

Is CURATOR a solo project or are there others close to it who deserve to be mentioned working on it too?

I have people who support me in my work. My buddy Stefan is generally an important help and of course it wouldn’t be possible without graphic designers like Alex Pfeffer or Mac Krebernik. Matt Barr – the mastermind behind the Looking Sideways podcast – has written some excellent articles as the editor of Volume II and has given the whole book the necessary polish. I try to work with a fixed theme in many of my projects. This makes it easier to sort the different ideas in my head and speed up processes. The theme for Curator Volume II was alchemy and I tried to imagine the snowboard culture as a kind of secret society. After I had studied alchemy more intensively, I found it relatively easy to commit to a certain color and graphic concept. Usually I then start to build storyboards, hoping to find a graphic designer or artist who understands the idea and gives it its own interpretation. 

Who is behind the whole artwork of both of the books? The new (second) one is full black and the artwork is amazing. Do you come up with the ideas for it yourself?

With P.J. de Villiers and R.P. Roberts I have fortunately found two outstanding artists who understood what I was trying to achieve with my theme and storyboards. They are responsible for the final design of the book. I am also grateful to Mark Kowalchuk who created lots of artwork for Volume I and II although he is always booked up. For me, art is an integral part of the snowboard culture and I am really happy to offer a platform for it in Curator.

As a lot of projects within snowboarding sometimes struggle financially, we would like to know how’s CURATOR dealing with this side of things? Is there an investor  / publisher behind it? How are the snowboard companies involved?

You’re right, it probably wouldn’t have been possible to find someone to pre-finance or relocate a project like Curator. It is simply not a profitable business case. I also had a pretty clear idea of what standards the books should meet, both in terms of content and production. Curator is printed entirely on FSC-certified paper by a local printing company that can print CO2-neutral thanks to its own solar system. The sale of the books also supports a reforestation project in Africa. These are all additional costs that a classical investor would probably have questioned. For this reason – and because I might have lost my mind for a moment – I decided to put in my own money for pre-financing. There are brands and people within the snowboard industry who were pretty enthusiastic about the idea behind Curator and therefore offered their support in the form of production cost subsidies. I’m very thankful for that. It wouldn’t be possible without them. 

I don’t want to make compromises or be told what content to include in Curator. I present my idea and either it is supported or not. My goal is to offer photographers, authors, illustrators and graphic designers from the snowboard community a reasonable salary and I’m satisfied if I don’t end up in debt.

Many of the stories, interviews and so on are about great personalities in the world of snowboarding, but they’re written by other authors or other people interview them. How do you choose the people who do the writing / make the interviews?

Fortunately I have a great network of friends in the snowboard scene who share the same passion and have the ability to tell stories. I can’t really describe how it all fits together, but in the end we all work on one book. It is magical. 

Is there going to be a CURATOR each season?

I would love to do a new volume every year, yes!

What do you do besides working on the CURATOR books?

I am a freelance author and my daily business is writing texts and translations. I work for insurance companies, but also for fashion and lifestyle magazines. This is what pays my bills. 

Foto: Stefan Goetschl

Where can we run into you on the mountain?

My local mountain is the Zugspitz region, Germany. As often as possible I try to shred in the morning and be back in the office by noon. Otherwise Laax is one of my favorite places in the world. Better not check your credit card bill when you come home from there. 

Foto: Michi Lehmann

Thanks a lot for the interview & we truly hope we can do our part to spread the word about your work as we really appreciate it! Take care!

Thank you for the opportunity!

If you’re as stoked on the books as we are we have an exclusive discount of 25% for you. The discount code is “WORLD25” and you can use it on your whole order on You can also use this direct link to apply the discount code even before you start shopping.

If you have any feedback regarding CURATOR the book you can contact Taz via e-mail.
If you have any feedback regarding the interview and the WSF communication you can contact us via e-mail as well.


Features News

10 tips for snowboarders in a quarantine

It’s been already few weeks since the word “quarantine” made its way into our lives. As we all try to keep our normal life going, it can happen that boredom finds us and hits hard. All of you snowboarders trapped in the quarantine might get to that point when you think of what to do. We know that the season was shortened by the Coronavirus and your minds are still full of snowboarding. That’s why we put together this list of activities that could help you ease the lack of snowboarding…

1. Fix your board!

We’re sure you hit some rocks and stones while riding this season. Your board deserves to be taken care of, so give it some love. The holes in the base are easy to fix, see for yourself:

2. Wax your board for late spring or early pre-season shred!

Depending on the level of optimism, you might see yourself shreding the re-opened spring or autumn glacier parks. You will be glad that your board is ready once the mountain starts calling you.

3. Watch an epic snowboarding documentary!

If you haven’t seen ‘The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding’ yet… you need to watch it now!

4. Read a quality book about the culture of snowboarding!

Have you heard of Curator – culture of snowboarding? The second edition was published not long ago and we recommend reading both as these are true masterpieces.

5. Edit your snowboarding shots from this season!

Your hard drive or GoPro are sure full of shots you filmed throughout the season. Now is the perfect time to put them together, create your own season edit and share it with the world! When you post, don’t forget to tag @world.snowboarding #worldsnowboarding

Here is a nice inspiration by Tyler Nicholson from 2016:

6. Educate yourself in avalanche safety!

The world is spinning faster these days than Dusty Henricken’s Quadruple Cork at Burton US Open 2020. You finally have the time to educate yourself in avalanche safety. This is something that takes time and you need to kind of focus on what you’re reading or watching. However, you might find this extremely helpful one day. You can simply start by googling “avalanche safety” and look for relevant articles, videos, etc.

7. Work on your Tailblocks!

Something you can really do in your living room. Just make sure there is a carpet or something on the ground. The challenge was kicked-off by Seb Toots few days ago, check it out!

8. Have a look at job / internship offers within the snowboarding industry!

Whether you currently have a job or not, it’s not a bad idea to have a look at what job offers are there on the market. You might run into something interesting. Check out

9. Get yourself some movement!

You can move yourself in your home as well. Did you know that? You can for example follow the tips of snowboarders like Aimee Fuller, who created a mellow handstand tutorial.

10. Think of what your abilities are besides snowboarding and join the volunteers out there!

The above mentioned 9 tips are the ones you can do for yourself. If there is something that you can do, and there is always something, to help the society make this current situation better – go for it!

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If you have more tips or feedback, send us an e-mail to

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Banked Slalom Features News report Reports

Report: Burning Boots Banked Slalom 2020 was epic!

The third edition of Burning Boots Banked Slalom had it all – sunshine, fresh snow & banked turns. The event went down in March, before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and having fun in the snow was still on every snowboarder’s mind. On Saturday, which was reserved for training runs and qualification, the winter even came to Brauneck with 20cm of fresh snow!

The course was handshaped by Snowboard Germany & Bayern and made the 170 registered riders absolutely happy. On Sunday the weather cleared up and the contest went down in the best possible conditions. Especially the kids in the categories U9, U12 and U15 were unstoppable and it was no surprise that the U15 riders placed also at TOP spots in the Open category.

Big thanks to the sponsors: K2 Snowboards, Burton, Nitro, Blue Tomato, Shred Kids, Stie Alm, Brauneck Bergbahn und die Snowboardschule Schneesturm

The 4th edition of the Burning Boots Banked Slalom will go down 27.-28.02.2021!

Open Men:

  1. Maximilian Thalhammer (SC Aising-Pang)
  2. Korbinian Blaschek (SC Miesbach)
  3. Markus Schwab

Open Ladies:

  1. Viktoria Egler
  2. Joana Attenberger (SC Dingoldfing)
  3. Tamara Schmidt (SC Dingoldfing)

U15 Boys:

  1. Julius Reichle (SC Konstanz)
  2. Elias Hamalainen
  3. Kenta Kirchwehm (SC Altglashütten)

U15 Girls:

  1. Florina Pohl (SC Bissingen)
  2. Loreley Pigmans
  3. Salome Jansing (SC Schellenberg)

U12 Boys:

  1. Benedikt Werner (SC Miesbach)
  2. Luka Kamissek (TSV 1860 München)
  3. Felix Babilon (SC Miesbach)

U12 Girls:

  1. Rosalie Bauer (SC Miesbach)
  2. Ida Bauer (SC Miesbach)page2image1536 page2image1728 page2image1920 page2image2112 page2image2304
  3. 3. Joana Fuchs (Shreddogs Munich)

U9 Boys:

  1. Leo Schwab
  2. David Babilon (SC Miesbach)
  3. Aris Kyriazis (Shreddogs Munich)

U9 Girls:

  1. Sita Heiny (SC Altglashütten)
  2. Isabella Wörner (TSV Uhlbach)
  3. Milja Bizenberger (Wsg Feldberg)

Stay in touch with the event on Instagram.


Photos: Coo.Productions

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World Snowboard Federation: Coronavirus statement

It’s times like these that make us realise what truly matters. The governments around the world have taken actions to stop the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These actions have direct influence on all of you and all of us in the world of snowboarding. Events were cancelled, resorts, training facilities, factories and shops were closed down and these are just few examples. The World Snowboard Federation believes that any action taken against the spread of the virus is reasonable and we fully support it. The snowboarding community needs to understand that the sooner we all manage to stop the virus from spreading, the sooner we can try to build our way back to normal life, where snowboarding plays an important role.

At this point, we would like to encourage all of you not to go outside and play, as we usually do. On the contrary, please stay inside and try to get isolated from others who might be more vulnerable. Watch snowboarding videos, read books, take care of your snowboard base, make a trick list for the next season, think of the places you would like to go snowboarding – but do it inside. There will be time to go out there again. You just have to wait, which is in the end not so bad.

The WSF team does just that. We’re in our homes, staying active by doing our jobs. We would like to express our respect and gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, firemen, policemen and others working on our behalf against the pandemic. We wish you all to stay healthy and safe in these difficult times. We believe that we will soon defeat the virus and will be able to get back to our normal life & snowboarding.

WSF President Satu Järvelä stated:
“This have been a tough couple of weeks as Coronavirus has taken fast turns around the world. We at WSF have taken action to cancel all our events this spring. It is our top priority to keep our snowboard community safe. We all need to adapt our lives and work for at least the next coming months. As our community is strong, we can do this together with the support of each other and working from home offices. Support your local businesses and let’s take care of each other!”

Your WSF.

– All remaining events on the WSF Banked Slalom Tour 2019/20 were cancelled.
– The WSF General Assembly 2020 that was supposed to take place in May in Innsbruck, Austria was postponed to September/October 2020 – more information will follow.
– The list of cancelled events on the World Snowboarding Global Event Schedule can be found here.

The cover photo was taken at the WSF General Assembly in Belgrade, Serbia in May 2019.

Banked Slalom Events Features News report

Report: The Greek Banked Slalom 2020 presented by The Thing About Greece

The Banked Slalom, one of the most historical and established snowboard races went down on 29th February in Greece for the second year in a row under the mindful umbrella of the World Snowboard Federation. A short report from the organisers with photos & video follows:

What a Weekend! We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout and lively energy… especially considering the lack of snow this season. Huge thanks to everyone who came down to Kalavrita snow resort to ride the snake, fly off the big booter or simply just to shake their booty!

Saturday 29th of January – Banked Slalom

After the snowstorm a bluebird day had started! The Banked slalom run was ready around 13:00 and looked like a giant snake getting into the snowpark! 34 riders were standing in the line up, including snowboarders, skiers and one snowskater!

Best snowboard – Nikolas Plytas 0,39’

2nd place snowboard – George Stavrakis 0,41’

3rd place snowboarders – Antonis David, Lazaros Kotakidis 0,42

Best ski – Ilias Aletras 0,44’

Best bail – George Katsaros, Andreas Barelos

Best costume – Vasilis Amilis

Best Snowskater – Athanasios Perrakis

Big thanks to the sponsors and supporters!

Shakka Custom Boards​ |​ ​Yes Snowboards​ |​ ​​ |​ ​RBPD Fashion culture​ ​MicroXtreme Nitro snowboards​ |​ ​Fifty Fifty boardshop​ |​ ​21StOre​ |​ ​Lasercrafters​ | ​​Hedonism Rides​ |​ ​Jackals Tattoo​ |​ ​Kalavrita snowpark​ |​ ​World Snowboard Federation​ |​ ​The Thing About Greece​ |​ ​Manic side​ | ​Xιονοδρομικό Κέντρο Καλαβρύτων


Events Features News

Penken Knuckle Huckle is goin’ down from 20 to 21 March

From March 20 to 21 2020 the snowboarding community will gather at the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen. For the first time on alpine soil, a contest will go down that solely concentrates on sending it big over a massive knuckle – 12.000 USD prize cash and massive parties included! We’re stoked to share the full story directly from Penken Park Mayrhofen with you guys:

We believe that snowboarding is not just about the biggest kickers or the longest rails. It’s about expressing yourself, being creative, showing style and having a good time with your friends. That’s why the Penken Knuckle Huckle boils freestyle snowboarding down to the essentials on the most reduced setup possible – a simple knuckle.

During the weekend, both, amateurs as well as pros get to send it for cash, goodies and the simple fun of shredding together. The amateurs will go big on Friday and can win wildcards for the pro contest which will go down on Saturday. While the contest on Friday will be judged by two selected pros, the session on Saturday will be riders-judged.

But wait a minute, what’s a weekend full of snowboarding without a party? That’s right, it’s still awesome! But with all that stoke in your veins you’re probably not going to bed at 9, are you? No, of course not. That’s why we’ll host not one but two massive parties after both contest days.

So, mark the weekend from March 20 to 21, 2020 blue and yellow in your calendars, ‘cause you don’t wanna miss this and we don’t wanna miss you!



Everyone can register for the Amateur Contest of the Penken Knuckle Huckle.

The winners of our 3 awards win 1.000 $ cash in total and one wildcard each for the Pro Contest on Saturday.

Best Trick – 250 $ and Wildcard

Best Drag – 250 $ and Wildcard

Knuckle King – 250 $ and Wildcard

In the evening we’re hosting a sweet meet & greet party at Scotland Yard together with the pros.



At the Pro Contest we’re giving away 4 awards with a total worth of 12.000 $.

Best Bail – 2.000 $

Best Trick – 2.000 $

Best Drag – 2.000 $

Knuckle King – 6.000 $

In the evening, a massive party goes down at Scotland Yard Pub with DJ Fu from the Wax Wreckaz.



Thursday, 19.03.2020

10.00 a.m. – 02.00 p.m. Open Training Pro und Amateur Pro Line


Friday, 20.03.2020

08.00 – 10.30 a.m. Open Training Pro & Amateur Contest Riders Registration Amateur Contest Pro Line Chill-out-Area
11.00 a.m. Riders Meeting Amateur Contest Chill-out-Area
11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Session Heat 1 Pro Line
12.30 – 01.30 p.m. Break & Pro Training Chill-out-Area
01.30 p.m. Riders Meeting Chill-out-Area
01.45 – 03.00 p.m. Session Heat 2 Pro Line
03.00 – 04.00 p.m. Open Training Pro Contest
03.30 p.m. Prize Giving Chill-out-Area
04.00 – 07.00 p.m. Registration Pro Contest Event Hotel Mayrhofen
07.00 – 07.30 p.m. Riders Meeting Pro Contest Event Hotel Mayrhofen
09.00 p.m. Knuckle Huckle Party Party Location


Saturday, 21.03.2020

08.00 – 10.30 a.m. Event Office (Riders / Industry / Media) Training & Warm Up Runs Valley Station Pro Line
11.00 a.m. Riders Meeting Chill-out-Area
11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Session Heat 1 Pro Line
12.30 – 01.30 p.m. Break Chill-out-Area
01.30 p.m. Riders Meeting Chill-out-Area
01.45 – 03.00 p.m. Session Heat 2 Pro Line
03.00 – 04.00 p.m. Show DJ Chill-out-Area
08.30 p.m. Prize Giving Party Location
09.00 p.m. Winners Party Party Location


Events Features News World Rookie Tour

World Rookie Tour: All upcoming events cancelled

Due to the Corona virus international outbreak emergency, World Rookie Tour cancels all the next events scheduled in Japan, Italy and Austria. The official statement from the World Rookie Tour crew follows:

“We decided to follow the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines in order to protect our rookie community and to counteract the COVID-19 epidemic with the only reasonable action: to cancel all our upcoming events and to don’t announce new events until the situation will be declared safe again.

As many others around the world, we didn’t realize the situation immediately, and we apologize for this. People are afraid, this is normal and appropriate, and we don’t want to encourage rookie teams with their coaches and parents, to travel to our events and to travel in general. There is only one thing to do: stay at home and follow the WHO recommendations for the prevention of the Coronavirus.

As an immediate consequence, all the below WRT events are cancelled:
Indy Park Jam Rookie Fest // Nekoma. JPN // 14.03.2020 // Snowboard SS
Ursus Rookie Fest // Madonna di Campiglio. ITA // 15-19.03.2020 // Snowboard and Freeski SS
Kronplatz Rookie Fest // Kroplatz. ITA // 20-22.03.2020 // Freeski SS
World Rookie Finals // Seiser Alm. ITA // 23-27.03.2020 // Freeski SS
World Rookie Finals // Kitzsteinhorn, Zell Am See-Kaprun. AUT // 31.03-05.04.2020 // Snowboard SS/HP

We don’t know at the moment if there will be reserve dates for the 2020 World Rookie Finals. More information about World Rookie Tour future events and the calendar for Snowboard, Freeski and Skateboard will be released as soon as possible.

Black Yeti recommends to inform yourself about the Corona virus situation and prevention by reading, first, all the necessary information on World Health Organization dedicated page

Cancellation of some WRT events is not the end of the world: it is a small contribution to avoid it.
We, as rookie and sport community, can take together serious action to support the prevention of Coronavirus, so let’s do it, taking it as a serious danger.

Follow the World Rookie Tour online:
Facebook fan page:
Vimeo channel:

Source: World Rookie Tour

2020 Banked Slalom Events Features News report Reports

Gstaad Banked Slalom 2020 had a record number of 121 riders!

It was a great edition of the Gstaad Banked Slalom with heaps of fresh snow and a course which the 121 competitors really enjoyed!
It was also a new record of participants in the deep Röstigraben under the Gummfluh far away from the civilization.
Many kids won great prizes and the adults where having lots of fun in the well shaped banks.
Real Banked Slalom roots the way it should be…
2020 Banked Slalom Events Features News upcoming events

Official GO for SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020

The SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020 hosted by Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller will take place for the sixth time from the 5th to 8th of March 2020  As we already informed you in this article, where you can find all relevant information.

Safety for all participants is as important as fun in the snow. After application by LAAX and the official risk analysis, the Canton of Graubünden has approved the event. From the first snowboarders of Switzerland*, early contest riders of international level to young park shredders, they come to LAAX to have fun in the course plenty of banked turns up at Crap Sogn Gion mountain.

Who is on the starting list of the popular SuddenRush Banked Slalom LAAX 2020?

For example the slalom ace of the 90s Peter Bauer, defending champion Super Masters in LAAX, and the former boardercross professional Reto Poltera, member of the management of LAAX, the Weisse Arena Group. Or the freestylers Ingemar Backman, who celebrated his first international victory in 1996 in Laax in the halfpipe, and Christian Hitsch Haller, who rocked the halfpipe at the OPEN events from 2005 to 2018. And Ueli Kestenholz, the fast multisportsman, very fast in alpine and BX snowboarding at the turn of the millennium.

In the Ladies Pro and Master category, some famous names also appear: such as the Olympic champions Nicola Thost (Halfpipe 1998) and Tanja Frieden (Boardercross 2006); LAAX BX winner 1997 Nici Pederzolli; Freeride World Tour Champion 2010 Aline Bock; Slopestyle expert Sina Candrian, LAAX OPEN winner 2020 Queralt Castellet, as well as the fastest woman on board in LAAX for three years Ariane Staib-Glaus, twice the age of Chloe Sillieres, who won the Pro category in 2019.

Like the hosts Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller, many of them come from the freestyle snowboard contest scene and earn their money while enchanting their fans with freeriding. Such as the “Ästhetiker” Steve Gruber and Tom Beckna Eberharter, as well as Travis Rice, currently one of the most remarkable and influential snowboarders worldwide. The fact that he will really be competing in Laax in the Banked Slalom 2020 will also be a truly unforgettable highlight for all the many riders from the OPEN, KIDS and JUNIOR categories.

Photos: Ruggli