The Tenjin Banked Slalom 2017

The Tenjin Banked Slalom 2017 (TBS) was held 4th – 5th March in 2017! It was fine the day although It had been snowing for a few day so people worked so hard to dig the course to the morning of first day.


TBS always inspired and respect the contest that “Mt .Baker Legendary Banked Slalom”, so thats why the course use a bank of natural terrain to dig and create as same as Baker style. this is what TBS is something different from other events, over 400 people joined the event during 2days. The other specifically thing about TBS is a ceremony called an opening prey- “Minakami temple” third generation over 100yearsm the chief priest pray for the safely event and this mountain the place had so many avalanche accident thats why. The participants got special prize that TBS × VOLCOM collaboration T-shirt artwork by Legend snowboarder Brian Iguchi.


Whatch the official video!

Photograph and wrote by YoshiJosefToomuch

Author: Elisa