Terje Haakonsen Fly 9.8m over TAC Quarter Pipe

Incredible performance by Terje Haakonsen at the Arctic Challenge 2007: bs360 at 9.8m over the quarterpipe coping, grabbing the new world record for the highest jump. Terje is still the king! Also some WSF rookie had his part in a dedicated Rookie Session. Follow a short report.

The incredible bs360 by Terje at 9.8m over the coping

“Terje broken the world record with a 9.8 meter air!” You can see the video on www.method.tv. As anticipated some of the most talented WSF rookie entered the TAC07: italian hero Manuel Pietropoli was included in the official starting list, while Jimi De Jong and Rocco Van Stratten enter the Rookie Session. Manuel got a 3rd place in friday high jump contest.

Manuel Pietropoli was invited at TAC07 directly from Terje Haakonsen!

Young USA rider Kevin Pearce resulted the winner of the competition, followed by Henning Marthinsen (NOR) and Pat Moore (USA). Jake Blauvelt get the highest air during the finals with 9.4m, secondo highest jump of ever.

Kevin Pearce, Marthinsen and Blauvelt during super finals

The Arctic Challenge Final Results
1. Kevin Pearce (USA)
2. Henning Marthinsen (NOR)
3. Patrick Moore (USA)
4. Kim Rune Hansen (NOR)
5. Terje HÃ¥konsen (NOR)
6. Jake Blauvelt (USA)
7. Steve Fisher (USA)
8. Danny Davis (USA)
9. Arthur Longo (FRA)
10. Fumyuki Murakami (JAP)

Highest Airs
Terje HÃ¥konsen: 9.8 metres Friday
Jake Blauvelt: 9.4 metres Saturday

Best Trick
Pat Moore: McTwist 180

Pics by Pedro S. Silva, Methodmag and Franca Olivieri.

Author: mucca