Terje Urges Snowboarders To Take Olympic Action

In just a few months, the International Olympic Committee will decide whether or not snowboard slopestyle will be included as an event in future Olympics Games. While the IOC has been particularly silent on the issue, grumbling has been rampant among competitors and contest organizers alike concerning the conflicting dates of world-class events and the dilution of competition that results. Recognizing snowboarding’s place as a premier Olympic event, Terje Haakonsen asked snowboarders yesterday at a rider’s meeting for the Arctic Challenge to take a stand and help ensure that if slopestyle is incorporated in the Olympics, which looks to be inevitable, that it is done the right way.

Below is The Snowboarding 180 Olympic Charter, drafted to influence the upcoming IOC decision:

Snowboarding should be run by snowboarders.

– We recognize the Olympics as a potential pinnacle event of snowboarding, but only if our voices are heard.

– All snowboard events and organizations throughout the world must listen to the driving force of our sport: the athletes.

– Snowboarders want a transparent and democratic process in all decision-making systems that have an effect on our daily lives and occupation.

– Snowboarding will never reach its full potential with conflicting dates of major snowboarding events.

– We do not want a new world tour for slopestyle qualifications.

– We want an Olympic ranking to reduce the date conflicts of major events.

– We believe the International Olympic Committee has a responsibility to listen to our voices and make way for the unleashing of snowboarding’s true potential.

– We want all powers to start a dialogue to find a solution for the better good of the sport.

– Preserving the status quo in snowboarding is not an option.

Author: silvia