The 3Star TTR Norwegian Championships

Oslo/Trysil, Norway – The Norwegian Championships took place last week confirming, once again, an extraordinary snowboard action. Silje Norendal (17), after an amazing season and her international breakthrough, ended the season with two golds, two silver medals and the King`s Cup at the Norwegian Championships.

(photos Preben Stene Larsen)

The halfpipe championships were held March 27 in Oslo Winterpark, which also will be the arena for the World Snowboarding Championships in 2012. Shaper Claes Högstrøm had made a perfect pipe, suitable for both the juniors and older riders.

About 70 riders, aged from 12 to 37, showed up and the level was very good. We saw several 9`s and 10`s and an overall good level in all the age groups.

Silje Norendal (17) from Kongsberg rode consistently all day and took the win in Womens Open. Maria Helen Jones placed second before Martina Nicole Næss in third.
Roger Kleivdal (24) from Geilo took gold in the Men`s Open with his run consisting of a frontside 720, cab 720, frontside 900 and a backside 900. Ståle Sandbech (17) placed second before Fredrik Austbø in third place.

(photos Preben Stene Larsen)

Arena two – time for Trysil
After a great day in Oslo Winterpark, the Norwegian Championships moved to Trysil, well-known for it`s great park. And Trysil did not disappoint.

With a new boardercrosstrack it was time to put on some speed for the boardercross champs. 32 riders competed for the golden medals, and Christian Ruud Myhre (19) won the Men`s Open before Stian Sivertzen in second and Lars Sandviken in third. Marianne Wallin (23) took the gold in The Women`s Open, before Silje Norendal (17) and Susann Bakken (19) .

(photos Preben Stene Larsen)

BigAir – Big tricks
Friday was the big day for big tricks in the BigAir Championship. 94 riders ranging from 12 to 32 years old competed on the big jump in the Trysil Park – with one mission – a spot on the podium.
Silje Norendal impressed the judges with strong riding, and stomping frontside rodeo 720, a trick very few female riders are able to stick. This gave her the second gold during the Norwegian Championships. Marte Søderlund placed second and Dina Treland in third.
Roger Kleivdal took his second gold at the Norwegian Championships with his switch backside 1080 doublecork.

Stian Aannestad placed second and Ulrik Badertscher in third.

(photos Preben Stene Larsen)

The grand finale – The Norwegian Slopestyle Championships

After almost a week of great riding it was time for the grand finale – the slopestyle finals. The spectators witnessed a slopestyle finals with an international level of riding. Per Iver Grimsrud took his first Norwegian Championship gold with a run consisting of cab 900, 50-50 back 360, frontside 720, frontboard 270 and finishing with a backside 1080. Emil Andre Ulsletten took silver and Ulrik Badertscher bronze in the finals of Men`s Open.

Dina Treland won the finals of Women`s Open, and there were only five small points between her and silver medalist Silje Norendal. Marte Søderlund have impressed the judges all week, and she took bronze.
Dina also won the Norwegian Cup together with Roger Kleivdal.
Silje Norendal and Per Iver Grimsrud could also take home the King`s Cup for their achievements at The Norwegian Championships 2011.

The season 2010/2011
The Norwegian Cup consisted of 15 1-3Star TTR/WSF-events in big air, slopestyle and halfpipe.
The cup has been very successful with between about 80 to 110 competing riders in every event. Both younger riders, and riders that compete on an international level have been competing in the Cup this year, and there has been a continous progression througout the season.
Sondre Hylland, project manager for the Norwegian Cup, is pleased with the season.
– Our mission was to get better parks, less waiting and more riding, and I believe we have succeeded.
He would also like to thank the snowboard clubs and resorts that have contributed, together with the crew.
And a big thank to our sponsors; DnB NOR, Rockstar, Lapoint, Fiat, Capita, Union, Sweet, Skullcandy, Swix and Swag.

Pictures: Preben Stene Larsen

Author: silvia