The best of Snowboarding and Music at WSC 2012, Oslo (NOR)

The World Snowboarding Championships 2012 in Oslo is getting closer and music will be a big issue of the event. With Turbonegro and Andrew WK confirmed as main guest stars, this video states the deep relation inbetween Music and Snowboarding and how they will work together to make the best event ever even bette

Oslo 2012 just released this video with Turbonegro and Terje Haakonsen talking about Music and Snowboarding, why this event is soo important for the snowboard community and what it represents. Listen to Terje message and vision, shared by WSF and many others.

Save_the_date: Don’t miss the most legendary death punk band of all timethat will re-unite and play a special concert at Santos Party House in New York City, as part of the World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) kick-off party, November 18, 2011.

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Author: silvia