The Corona World Championships of Snowboarding are about to kick off in 2 weeks

We are pleased to welcome Corona as the event title sponsor, the number one Mexican beer enjoyed and shared in 186 countries around the world. Corona joins an impressive group of brands  teaming up for snowboarding’s true World Championships: the World’s largest bank ICBC, China’s leading sportswear brand Qiaodan / Jordan, global wearable camera pioneer GoPro, Chinese world leader in drone technology DJI, hotel resort chain Club Med and travel risk and crisis management provider Global Rescue.

Scuol, Switzerland / Yabuli, China, 25th February 2016

March, 9th to 16th 2016, the world’s best freestyle riders will compete for the World Champion titles in Big Air, Halfpipe and Slopestyle and a total of 500,000 USD in prize money at the Corona World Championships of Snowboarding 2016 in Yabuli, China. This marks the second edition of the true World Championships of Snowboarding, sanctioned by TTR Pro Snowboarding, the World Snowboard Tour and the World Snowboard Federation after the successful inaugural event in Oslo 2012.

In partnership with high profile brands, such as Corona, the WCS 2016 will bring snowboarding to the emerging winter sports market of China at a level of athletic performance never before seen in China. Over 200 of the world’s best athletes, including superstars such as Shaun White, Yuki Kadono and Chloe Kim, are preparing for one of the season’s highlights and the TTR World Tour finale.

The partnership between title sponsor Corona and the World Championships of Snowboarding is a perfect fit, both on and off the mountain. Riders will throw down their best tricks on the Corona rail and wallride, integrated into the Slopestyle course. Off the mountain, Corona will offer a relaxing moment for on-site athletes and audience after a tiring day, by hosting their legendary Sunsets Party for everyone to attend from March 13th- 16th in Yabuli.

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is the world’s largest bank and will provide its financial services to the Organizers.

One of the dominating players in the Chinese sportswear market, Qiaodan / Jordan supports the upcoming pinnacle event of the World Snowboard Tour, the biggest World Championship winter event that has ever been staged on Chinese soil.

Partnering with the world leader in wearable cameras, GoPro are bringing their expertise to the spectacular freestyle show. The GoPro box in the Slopestyle course is going to be one of the many memorable shots, filmed with GoPro cameras.

DJI drones are capturing the pinnacle event of the 2015/16 season from above, and giving spectators the chance to experience drone flying in the sponsor village.

Partnerships with the hotel resort chain Club Med and the travel risk and management firm Global Rescue enable the organizers to provide world-class services to riders, teams, staff at the WCS 2016.

Club Med resort will be the place to relax and wind down from an eventful day with an indoor pool. As a well-tested rescue provider Global Rescue has riders and staff covered in case of an accident.

About Yabuli
The Yabuli resort is a 3 hour drive from the pop.10 million city of Harbin, the center of China´s northeastern region. Yabuli is the largest and most well known winter sports destination in China.  Rapidly developing its reputation as an emerging winter sport powerhouse, China will host the 2022 Winter Olympics. In 2016, WCS will be the main professional elite championship event in China across any snow sport. In Yabuli, the Club Med Resort will be the preferred hub for all riders and international visitors ensuring western hospitality standards.

About the World Championships of Snowboarding
The World Championships of Snowboarding (WCS) is the pinnacle snowboarding event organized by TTR Pro Snowboarding and the World Snowboard Federation. The WCS crowns snowboarding’s true World Champions in the disciplines of Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air. It is a high calibre celebration of the sport held every 4 years, bringing together 400 riders representing 43 WSF Member Nations, staged by alternating resort locations around the world. In 2016, Yabuli resort, the largest winter sports resort in China will host the 2nd edition of the World Championships of Snowboarding. 

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