The report of 2016 Revolution Tour

The final stop of the Revolution Tour in Seven Springs was a successful one for the American snowboarders, who took three of four wins in the halfpipe and slopestyle competitions. Nora Healey (Plymouth, NH) took the win in slopestyle for the women while Lyon Farrell (Haiku, HI) won slopestyle for the men. Danny Davis (Highland, MI) took the top spot in halfpipe for the men.

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It was Healy’s second win on the Revolution Tour, as she also won the Winter Park event just one week before. Healy was also crowned the overall tour winner. Anna Valentine finished just behind Healy as Seven Springs in second place. Farrell earned his first Rev Tour podium finish with the win in Seven Springs. He was joined on the podium by American Brock Crouch (Mammoth Lakes, CA). The overall win for the Rev Tour went to Dylan Thomas (Brooklyn, PA), who took second and fifth at the Winter Park event.

Though the Rev Tour is notably known as a place for up-and-coming athletes to hone their skills, Davis – who is widely known as one of the best professional snowboarders in the elite competitive ranks – needed to compete at Seven Springs to earn valuable FIS points leading into the 2016/17 season. Though he earned the win, he generously donated his prize money to the athletes who finished behind him. Davis was joined on the podium by Jason Wolle (Winter Park, CO), who finished second. Ryan Wachendorfer (Edwards, CO) was the overall tour winner for the halfpipe men.

Top finishers from Seven Springs men’s halfpipe: Blake Moller, fourth; Skyler Ordean, fifth; Chase Blakely, sixth.

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Noelle Edwards (Stamford, CT) was the top American finisher in the ladies’ halfpipe event, finishing second. Edwards was joined on the podium by Anna Valentine, who finished third. Savanna Atkins and Kirsten Webster also made the finals, finishing fourth and fifth respectfully.

_Nora Healey won slopestyle for the women. Her best run scored 90.5
_Lyon Farrell won slopestyle for the men. His best run scored 89.25
_Danny Davis won halfpipe for the men. His best run scored 97.75
_Nora Healy was the overall Revolution Tour winner in women’s slopestyle.
_Dylan Thomas was the overall Revolution Tour winner in men’s slopestyle.
_Ryan Wachendorfer was the overall Revolution Tour winner in men’s halfpipe.

The U.S. Revolution Tour is the place for top amateur skiers and snowboarders to prove their merit and transition from competing at grassroots to the elite level.


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2015.16 World Rookie Tour – Calendar
South America Rookie Fest (SS) . Valle Nevado, Chile 21.23 August 2015 – DONE
Corvatsch Rookie Fest (SS) . Corvatsch, Swiss . postponed to 17.20 December 2015 – DONE
Iceripper Rookie Fest (HP) . Laax, Swiss 06.09 January 2016 – DONE
World Rookie Fest (SS) . Livigno, Italy 09.14 January 2016 – DONE
Peyragudes Rookie Fest (SS) . Peyragudes, France 21.24 January 2016 – DONE
Transilvania Rookie Fest (SS) . Arena Platos, Romania 05.07 February 2016 – Deleted
Oslo Rookie Fest (SS) . Oslo Vinterpark, Norway 26.28 February 2016 – DONE
Indy Park Rookie Fest (SS) . Nekoma, Japan 27.28 February 2016 – DONE
Trentino Rookie Fest (SS) . Monte Bondone, Italy 02.06 March 2016 – DONE
Bulgarian Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Pamporovo, Bulgaria 15.17 March 2016 – Deleted
Revolution Rookie Fest (SS + HP) . Seven Springs Resort, USA 15.16 March 2016 – DONE
Völkl World Rookie Finals (SS) . Ischgl, Austria 05.10 April 2016
World Rookie Shooting . Mottolino Snowpark, Livigno, Italy. 10.13 Aprile 2016 NEW!

Age Groups
WSF rookie events are reserved to Rookies (born from 1st of January 1998 to 31st of December 2000) and Grom (born from 1st of January 2001 and up), both boys and girls. All contests of the World Rookie Tour will generate valuable results for the TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranks and for the World Rookie Rank developed by World Snowboard Federation.

The WSF World Rookie Tour is organized by the Black Yeti in collaboration with World Snowboard Federation and its National Snowboard Associations, and it is made possible by Red Bull and Volkl Snowboards. You can follow the World Rookie Tour on our international media partners Onboard European Snowboard magazine and Pleasure Snowboard Magazine.


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