The role of the National Federation at WSC 2012

WSF and TTR finalized together the qualification criteria for WSC 2012 and all national federations will be essential for the selection of the riders who will take part to this great contest.

All national federations are invited to start planning the future national competitions that will nominee the riders who will get the 4 spots per discipline and gender assigned to each nation: 1 man for halfpipe, 1 man for slopestyle, 1 woman for the halfpipe and 1 woman for the slopestyle.

WSF Nations Quota
Each WSF member Nation is entitled to qualify one rider for both men and women in each discipline. Therefore, each nation is entitled to a maximum of 4 spots and will need to use a national event, such as a national championships event, or a national criteria approved by the WSF Event Committee, to qualify riders. All national quota spots for the 2012 event need to be announced by the National Snowboard Associations no later than Monday, January 16th, 2012. If one or several riders are already eligible to compete through one of the other qualification criteria, the open spot falls to the best national rider not yet qualified based on the defined national qualification criteria.

Author: silvia