Tina Ramholt win the first round of LFC 2012 in Thyon (CH)

The Central Park of Thyon welcomed last Saturday the first competition of the first Swiss ski and snowboard “freestyle” tour reserved for the girls. Under a radiant sun the swiss girl Rina Ramholt dominated in snowboard and the french Emilie Cruz in ski.

Everybody agreed that in snowboard Tina Ramholt made a perfect run: Underflip 540° on the first
jump, 270° in on the flat-down boxe, frontboard on the rainbow-boxe and 50-50 on the down-boxe.

The swiss girl received the amount of 900 francs. The second place was obtained by Anaïs Cettou (switch back 360° on the first jump, 270° in on the flat-down boxe, 50-50 frontboard on the rainbow-boxe and270° in on the down-boxe). She got a reward of 400 francs.

The podium was completed by Justine Gremaud (180° back on the first jump, gap boardslide on the flat-down boxe, 270° in on the up-flatdown boxe and 360° on the boxe) who received 200 francs.

Go to the Final in Leysin:
1. Tina Ramholt (CH) 72,5 pts -> CHF 900.-
2. Anaïs Cettou (CH) 63,5 pts -> CHF 400.-
3. Justine Gremaud (CH) 60,6 pts -> CHF 200 .-
4. Andrea Binkert (CH) 60,2 pts
5. Laura Berry (GB) 58,9 pts

6. Domitilla Mattei (CH) 53,9 pts
7. Léa Laveau (CH) 47 pts
8. Alicia Bonnaud (F) 46,1 pts

Photos and videos of the event can be discovered here : www.ladiesfirstchallenge.ch

Author: silvia