Training New Tricks with the BagJump

More and more people experience the Bagjump-thrill of trying high level tricks on the snowboard without getting hurt. So did Stefan Gimpl and hiscrew the Leo.Gang to try new tricks and practice for the upcoming competitions and the Bagjump will be featured during the upcoming Volkl World Rookie Fest in Ischgl, Austria.

Everyone was stoked again and tried tricks they never dared todo on a snowboard before. Stefan went for some Doublebackflips andBacksiderodeos while some of his crew were pulling double-Backsiderodeos andflips with hard tweaks until late at night.

Stefan Gimpl training on the Bag Jump

Huge dimensions for huge safety

With an high of 5mt and a dimension of 15×15 mt, the Bag Jump is the most safety stuntman system in the world. Tested to free falls from 70mt it’s the ultimate training system for freestyle. Already used in the Red Bull Gap Session, it will be featured also in the upcoming Volkl World Rookie FEst

The first test from an industrial building!

Test on the snow

Watch the video to see the possibility offered by this training system.

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From 6 to 13 aprile in Kuthai the BagJump Spring Break is happening

Author: mucca