TTR announces modified WSC 2012 qualification process after BEO postponement

Scuol (SUI), 24.11.2011 – Due to the postponement of the Burton European Open until after the World Championships in Oslo, TTR modifies the qualification criteria for the international starting spots. Qualification via WSF national quota spots and direct quotas not affected.

The cut-off date for the Halfpipe and Slopestyle qualification lists has been extended until January 23, one week after the initial deadline, which was following the Halfpipe finals at Burton European Open in the original schedule.
This extra week gives riders a chance to collect points or replace results at 1-4 Star level events worldwide, providing particularly lower positioned riders a few extra shots to make it into the Top 50 / 30 ranks and qualify for the WSC 2012.

As a second measure, the O`Neill Evolution 6Star Big Air will count for the Slopestyle Points List. With O’Neill Evolution being the only Big Air competition on a 6 star level where women compete, this is a fair addition to increase the number of qualification opportunities for both men and women.

TTR points lists generally include results over a span of 52 weeks, however, TTR decided to extend the term, adding a week to the list, rather than shifting the 52 weeks results. This means that the original starting point of the qualification, 2011’s Burton European Open, as well as all other results from this week, still count towards a riders position on the qualification list.

The Top 50 Men and Top 30 Women which qualify for the WSC 2012 will be determined on January 23rd, 2012. The WSC Qualification Points List for both Halfpipe and Slopestyle will evaluate a riders best results between January 10th, 2011 and January 23rd, 2012. Over this 53 week period, a riders best 3 Halfpipe results will count for the Halfpipe Qualification List, a riders best 4 Slopestyle results will count for the Slopestyle Qualification List.

The postponement of the BEO does not gravely affect the WSC qualification process with these added options. ‘With high class events like the RedBull Nanshan Open and O’Neill Evolution close to the qualification deadline, as well as the addition of a substantial number of 1-4 star events including the World Rookie Fest, we believe that riders have enough opportunities to qualify for the event’ Reto Lamm, President of TTR says.

Author: silvia