TTR Introduces First Ever Universal World Ranking

Scuol, Switzerland – February 20, 2012: TTR is making another major step in order to break down barriers in the world of competitive freestyle snowboarding, TTR Pro Snowboarding today announces the launch of the universal World Snowboarding Points Lists. The new points lists will include available results from all major snowboarding events including the TTR World Snowboard Tour, XGames, Dew Tour and FIS World Cups. They will provide world ranking lists for male and female halfpipe, slopestyle and big air athletes.

TTR President Reto Lamm: “This is the first ranking list of its kind for freestyle snowboarding and has been introduced by TTR Pro Snowboarding as a next step in advancing the organization of the sport. For the first time in its history, snowboarding now gets a transparent, up-to-date ranking resource. This allows fans, riders, event organizers and media to see who the truly best riders are. This is more proof of TTR´s efforts to provide the best competitive environment for the sport of snowboarding.”

With many separate organizations operating snowboarding events, the TTR has launched the new universal points lists to introduce a complete world ranking resource for riders, events, nations, media and the snowboard industry. The purpose of the new points lists are to create a definitive world ranking that shows the true leaders in the disciplines of halfpipe, slopestyle and big air.

The World Snowboarding Points Lists have been developed by TTR Pro Snowboarding in collaboration with national snowboarding associations around the world, riders, events and coaches. The new lists will be available as public domain at as of today, February 18, 2012 and will be free for all to reference and use as a tool. From this point forward, TTR Pro Snowboarding will use the lists for seeding and qualifying riders into TTR events.

The introduction of the World Snowboarding Points Lists is just one piece of a comprehensive strategy that TTR has developed in order to progress the organization of the sport and to further distinguish TTR as the leader in competitive snowboarding.

For more details on how the points lists work and how rider rankings are calculated, visit

Author: silvia