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Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour announces strategic Tour changes for 08/09 Season

Innsbruck – June 13th , 2008: From May 19th to 22nd, the TTR Board Members met in New York City, USA to determine what measures are necessary to best help progress the sport of snowboarding. The most notable changes for the 08/09 Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour are as follows:

The last 6STR events of the 08/09 Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour will be the Tour Champion Crowning Events: Burton US Open (Men) and the Roxy Chicken Jam (Women).

The Tour Champion will be determined at those events.

The Tour Champion Crowning Events will have 1000 Swatch TTR points up for grabs. The 25% point bonus will no longer be available.

Tour Prize money will be paid out to the riders according to their rank at the conclusion of the Burton US Open (to Top 10 men) and the Roxy Chicken Jam (to Top 5 women)

All riders ranked on the final Swatch TTR Ranking List will carry over his / her final TTR ranking points (as of April 30, the last day of the TTR event calendar) into the next season, which shall automatically count as the first result of the new season´s ranking list.

A rider’s final ranking will be determined by the average of 8 results. Riders carrying over their last season points, need to post 7 results in 08/09.

The amount available at each Star level has been modified to create a clear separation between the 1 – 2Star, 3 – 4Star and 5 – 6Star while maintaining integrity within the tiers.

At the General Assembly held on May, 22nd 2008, the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour members have approved these changes unanimously.

Author: mucca