Turbonegro to open the WSC

Founders of death punk and all rockstars’ favourite band, Turbonegro, will re-unite and play Santos Party House in New York City to honor the World Snowboarding Championships (WSC) in November.

Its gonna be an amazing event, says Andrew W.K. , owner of Santos Party House, and the entertainment beacon of the WSC.

Hosting the first Turbonegro concert in the US with their new singer is a dream come true for us at Santos. Making it happen in a WSC opening party is unreal. Turbonegro is one of my favourite bands of all time, and the WSC is such a great project to be involved in, Andrew W.K. continues.

“We are SUPER STOKED to be involved in WSC2012, which we know will be the most rock’n’roll sports event ever” says Turbonegro’s Happy Tom.

“It was Happy Tom that connected us with Andrew W.K. Now Turbonegro supports the WSC with an exclusive US gig at Santos Party House. It is almost too good to be true. Making this happen in New York, we’re paying respect to the origin of our sport. Our heritage is American board sports and the great lifestyle that comes with it” says WSC CEO Henning Andersen.

Andrew W.K. will bring Santos Party House to Oslo during the WSC in February 2012. Quality bands and djs will entertain the world’s best snowboarders in a great atmosphere.

“We are boosting energy to the snowboarders’ championships dreams, but also offer some relaxing experiences from the competitive environment” says Andrew W.K.

Place: Santos Party House, 97 Lafayette st. Manhatten, New York.
Date: Friday 18th November 2011

Author: silvia