Viva con Agua! Public auction of a Nitro T1 Snowboard signed by World Snowboard

The organizations Viva con Agua, Nitro Snowboards, World Snowboard Tour and the athletes attending the Vienna Fridge Festival have come together to auction an exclusive Snowboard for a good cause.

The idea was brought up by Viva con Agua, a non-profit organization based in St. Pauli, Germany. These guys are truly dedicated to enable more people access to clean drinking water globally. For this honorable goal they are using creative methods to achieve their goal and are supported by thousands of people and organizations all over the world.

The basic idea here was to auction off a snowboard signed by some of World Snowboard Tour’s best athletes. The total revenue will be used to support Viva con Aguas mission.

Nitro Snowboards was all in, as soon as they heard about the idea and sent a fresh T1 model to the Vienna Fridge Festival (22nd – 23rd of November 2013). Now it’s graced with the signatures of top athletes Kevin Backström, Marco Grilc, Antoine Truchon, Mathias Weissenbacher, Sven Thorgren, Kim Rune Hansen, Kyle Mack, Niklas Mattsson, Clemens Schattschneider, Tim Kevin Ravnjak, Tor Lundström, Boris Mouton, Philipp Kundratitz, Allessandro Boyens, Markus Mathis, Matevs Pristavec, Aljosa Krivec, Seppl Ramsbacher, Max Buri, Seppi Scholler, Carlos Gerber and Peter Podlogar.

To contribute their share, World Snowboard Tour was instantly involved, to take the lead and promote the campaign through all channels and their network within the worldwide snowboard community.

Over a 10 days period, the Snowboard will be auctioned . Starting Thursday 5th of December at 8.00 pm CET, everyone can bid for this very exclusive collector’s item and help Viva con Agua on its mission. The bidding ends Sunday 15thof December at 8.00 pm CET. The Auction can be found here.

So get ready to bid and don’t be canny! Remember it’s a unique piece and an honorable purpose.



Author: silvia