Wouter De Lange (Bel)

Wounter is a top rookie from Belgium. We see him rock often and he get also many pictures thank to his smooth style!

Name: Wouter De Lange
Nick name:
Date of Birth: 29/03/’89
Nationality: Belgian
Sponsor: Nitro, Animal, Smith, Oneballjay, Gravis, Private
Stance: +15, -15
Favorite trick: Bs 7
Highest ranking: 4th rookie fest finals
Favorite Spot: Mayrhofen
Favorite food&drink: Lasagna
Best Music: Alternrock
Best Artist: Arctic monkeys
Best Movie: Family Guy The Movie
The event of your dream: Every event that pushes you to higher levels.
Hero of all times: Eero Ettala
Slogan: Live life to the fullest.
Future Projects: filming and riding some contests

Author: monejim