WSC: Accreditation information and service kits

We are looking forward to seeing you in Oslo in February for the World Snowboarding Championships.
To make sure you get a smooth experience, we want to inform you about the registration process and access plans. It is pivotal for us to keep an exclusive access to riders areas and the field of play. The basic principle is to keep team and support to a minimum in the field of play and TV production zones, as well as in the exclusive riders lounges.

The World Snowboarding Championships is a green and car free event. All transportation for riders, teams and media will be organized from a bus-hub downtown Oslo. We have hotels in walking distance and offer a snowboard hotel in the arena for waxing and safe keeping.

Start planning now
We urge all WSF nations and major snowboard teams to start planning according to the rules of WSC 2012. Some riders are already qualified, but most riders will not be qualified before the cut off date January 23rd 2012 (NB New date due to the postponement of the Burton European Open). But especially the nations can start planning their minimum access quotas (1 per contest) and apply for accreditation now.

Accreditation rules and how to register
(You’ll find this information and registration forms here:

Who needs to apply for accreditation to get access to the mixed zone:
• Qualified riders
• One coach/team leader for every 4th team rider.
o This means that a team including four or less riders can bring one team leader, while a team of five, six, seven or eight riders can bring two team leaders, and so on.
• 1 friend/lover/family member
o Each rider has the possibility of bringing along one appointed private person into the mixed zone. This person does not have access to the driver lounge.
• Media representatives

How to register for accreditation:
• To register, please fill in the suitable online registration form.
• We urge you to start the accreditation process as early as possible.
• We want the team leaders to do the registration on behalf of his/her whole team of riders, including each rider’s appointed friend, lover or family member. The names can be changed. Please use the group accreditation form.

• If you are a rider without a team, you fill in the registration forms yourself. Please use the individual accreditation form.

To start registration
Click on the appropriate link and start the application process:
Group accreditation for riders, nations & teams:

Accreditation form for individual riders:
If you have any questions regarding accreditation, please send an email to

Service kits for accreditated guests
To make the stay of all our accreditated guests as smooth as possible, we have developed a Transportation Pass and an Arena Service Card – to be used during the championships days. Please purchase them in advance, so that we can plan your stay and make sure you have a good time. Riders/team leaders/ 1 friend & family can purchase the service kits (see accreditation rules above).
NB. To buy these services you need to be registered in our accreditation database.

Transportation Pass: 50 EURO (MANDATORY)
Takes you between the arena and the down town hub by bus all 10 days of the event.
(If you are staying at Scandic Vulkan, the bus takes you directly from the hotel to the arena).
NB. All riders in competition must buy this pass!

Arena Service Card – per day: 25 EURO

The cashless Arena Service Card gives you a lot of benefits in the arena (see list below).
The card can be purchased and filled up in advance – and you decide on the amount of days. You also have the possibility of adding more days later on during your stay in Oslo. The card can be filled up online, as well as in the arena or at the down town hub.

The arena service card includes per day:
– Entrance to the mixed zone
– Entrance to riders lounge (riders in competition)
– A warm hub in the mixed zone
– Snacks and fruit (all day)
– One hot lunch meal
– Drinks (not alcohol)
– Fruit
– Board hotel
– Waxing service
– Lift for contest arena
– Food is also available at the down town hub and at the top of the arena hill
– Chiropractic treatment (NB Only for riders)

How to purchase Transportation Pass and Arena Service Card
Please go to to purchase Transportation Pass and Arena Service Card. The transaction must be done online by credit card payment. You will receive one service card, including all your services, when you pick up your accreditation card in Oslo.
NB. To buy these services you need to be registered in our accreditation database.

Hotel Discount

Between January 9th and 20th 2012 riders, teams and accrediated media get a discount on accommodation in Oslo at five Scandic Hotels – all located in the city centre in short distance from the transportation hub.
You must do your own booking, using this booking code: D000028000.
Booking phone: +47 23 15 50 00, between 8am and 7pm central European time – or do it online.

You are of course not obligated to stay at Scandic Hotels, but we recommend it due to logistics and they have the best prices in town.

NB. Dinner at all Scandic Hotels costs NOK 190 per person using the discount code.

To see the list of the five Scandic Hotels, their location, contact info and price lists, please go here:

Author: silvia