WSC Qualification Lists: Important Changes

TTR activated the rider reports for the Points Lists, so users can instantly see which results are counting towards the World Snowboarding Championships 10-19 February in Oslo. This enables riders to easily review their situation, and adapt their schedule if necessary, until the qualification deadline.
From now on, Points Lists will be updated DAILY in stead of weekly, till the qualification deadline January 23rd.

Users can access the Points List Rider Report straight from the Points List, to view the results which are counting towards the respective Points List.

The best counting results are highlighted in grey and the top part shows all the Points Lists ranks and points.

The way to access this information: Go to the Points List, then click on a specific rider. Please note this page only shows the Rider Reports for the Points Lists, NOT the TTR Tour Rankings.

From now until January 23rd, the Points Lists for Halfpipe and Slopestyle will be updated DAILY at 9.00 AM PST.

Points Lists are usually updated weekly on Thursday at 6.00 AM PST, but due to the increased attention and possible schedule changes from riders regarding their WSC qualification, TTR scheduled it daily till the cut-off date.

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Author: silvia