WSC: We have a song!

The official song for the World Snowboarding Championships 2012 is ready for release on November 1st.
The CEO of WSC 2012, Henning Andersen, and New York musician Andrew W.K have made the adrenaline pumping theme song for the upcoming Snowboarding World Championships in Oslo.

The song “GO GO GO GO” is a tribute to the world of snowboarding, featuring names like Mark McMorris, Tyler Flanagan, Peetu Piiroinen and Kazu Kokobu in the lyrics. Producer and co writer Andrew W.K. is also known as the king of partying, and the music video was recorded in his own nightclub Santos House in New York. Several of the honourable mentionable in the lyrics also appear in the video, which is to be released on November 10..

It’s an incredible privilege to be the official music man of the WSC 2012. Snowboarding is truly a rock ‘n’ roll sport with a punk attitude. The energy and intensity of these athletes inspires me and the music we’re making for the championships. ‘GO GO GO GO’ is a song that expresses the passion and courage of the riders, and I hope also inspires them to perform their best. It’s the sound of glory! It’s been a great pleasure working with the WSC crew on this recording, and I hope people can feel the party when they listen to this song!”
– Andrew W.K.

The idea leading to the explosive cooperation behind the song was conceived by Happy Tom in Turbonegro and Raldo Useless from Gluecifer, and it all went downhill from there. You can read the incredible story on how the song came about here:

“GO GO GO GO” will be streaming on on Tuesday November 1st .

It is also available on Itunes and Spotify.

Listen in streaming “GO GO GO GO” by Andrew W.K. here:

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