WSF and TTR Pro Snowboarding Extend Partnership through 2014

Over the past 10 years, TTR Pro Snowboarding and WSF have been working closely together with the joint objective to bring competitive freestyle snowboarding to a higher level of organization. Today, the TTR and WSF announce a new agreement that will extend the current partnership for the next three years into 2014.

TTR will continue to focus on the progression of higher level events and top riders and has granted the WSF the exclusive worldwide right to approve any grassroots events for the TTR World Snowboard Tour on the 1Star, 2Star and 3Star levels. The WSF will be offering a range of new services and will continue to work closely with National Snowboard Associations which will play an active role in evaluating, coordinating and handling all events on these levels.

Event requirements to take part in the TTR and WSF World Tour?
The requirements for the different star levels will follow same direction as the 2010/2011 season. TTR rules and all event applications will be evaluated according to these requirements. Once your event is approved, please remember to include the TTR and WSF logos on all promotional materials for the event such as posters, banners, bibs, backdrop walls etc.

Download the WSF event kit here:
It includes graphic files, result template, WSF web banner, Event Requirement, World Rookie Tour guidelines.

Are you organizing an event? Don’t forget the Online Application
If you plan on organizing an event and want to be included in the TTR/WSF, don’t forget to apply using the online application system that has been developed for application of all levels. Please enter the WSF website and click “Event application” in the top right to start the application process.

National ranking
WSF offers a national ranking system to all of its members and uses the same star category and points system as the TTR ranking. WSF also offers a national ranking for youth riders (boys/girls) in three different age categories; OPEN, ROOOKIE and GROM and for all disciplines. Eight nations used the national ranking system last season and report they are very satisfied. The national ranking system is based on results from national events at 1-2-3 star level. Only national riders can earn points for this special rank.

WSF Rookie ranking
WSF World Rookie ranking is more and more popular among the youngest riders. It is a ranking list for riders under 18 and all national competitions including this age category can be uploaded on this ranking. The ranking will be used as a qualification to the 4Star Protest World Rookie Fest Final to be held in Ischgl, Austria, from 11 to 15 april 2012.

WSF Communication Team Has Your Back
Here is a brief list of benefits events receive from the WSF Communication Team:

-Every event at the 1-2- 3Star level will be promoted on the official WSF website and social network.
-1Star: inclusion in the International Event Calendar + Event Page on the WSF web site
-2Star: Same as 1Star events + promotion on home page via “Next Event” box and possibility to publish the official event video in WSF TV on the WSF web site
-3star: Same ss 1-2 Star events + promotional news and official report published in WSF home page + international press release distribution to all WSF media and industry contacts worldwide.

Author: silvia