WSF at European SnowForum 2007, Chamonix

WSF was invited at the European Snow Forum 2007 by Source, hosted in Chamonix, to present report and projects about its international activities. Follow a short report with some pictures.

European Snowforum 2007, Chamonix (FRA)
Pictures and Text by Marco Sampaoli

In late april 2007, Chamonix hosted the annual edition of European Snowforum by Source, the most important industry meeting dedicated to our sport in Europe. A fewl less than 100 people rapresenting brands, event organizers, resorts, media and international organization, analyzed the past season and discussed about future directions of the snowboard: both on the business side than from the point of view of the sport development.

Nobody seems really warried for the bad season 06.07. even if global warming is definetly a problem, the lack of snow of the last season was absolutly an exception and we can hope on a better winter 08. Hopefully the trend of the snowboard business will get back soon what losted in the last months.

Indipendent snowboard organization present report and future projects. World Snowboard Federation (WSF), TTR and EuroSIMA Mountain Division showed credible and interesting presentation, underling several time mutual cooperation, common projects and goals. Our feeling was that the industries believe finally in international organization dedicated to snowboard.

Everbody agree on the importance of focus more attention on beginners: they rappresente resource n°1 for the snowboard development and business. Several proposal were presented and discussed and, hopefully, will be realized next season.

Interesting presentation arrive also from new media possibilities. Internet is setted as the new way of comunication but upcoming technologies are getting their space like podcasting for example.

Source, Ispo and EuroSIMA presented the European Snowboard Award 2007 winned by Bataleon (Breack through brand of the year), Burton (Best technical innovation) and Nitro (Life time award). In the true spirit of snowboarding a couple of nice party were arranged (thanks to Remi!) and, to never forget the reason we work in this market, last day of the meting was dedicated to a trip in the Vallè Blanche, one of the most famouse freeride area in Europe. Riding is absolutly the best way to close a snowboard forum and create some team attitude with the other partecipants.

Author: mucca