WSF for Female Snowboarders

Marjanna Lappi presents what WSF is doing and preparing for improving female in snowboard world: female network and projects, clinincs, meeting and events. Every sort of contribution is welcomed: come on girls and women!

WSF Makes World a Better Place for Women Snowboarders
March 6th 2007, Edmonton, Canada
By Marjaana Lappi
WSF Female Projects Director

Anna Hollander’s boardslide during the PPG Camp in Stryn 2006

WSF want to contribute to enhancing opportunities for girls and women who desire to participate in snowboarding’s wonderful world by establishing a female snowboarding committee. There has already for several years existed well functioning project in WSF member countries, such as PowderPuff Girls of Norway and Finnish Female Snowboarding Association just to name a few. WSF’s desire with this project is to establish an open network including anyone who thinks there is something very valuable and important in having both genders equally and well presented in all snowboarding venues. Motives are also to help member countries to establish and develop projects motivating women to take part in snowboarding as athletes, coaches, judges, speakers, TDs, photographers, journalists, board groomers, pipe builders etc. You name it-you can become it!

As head of the committee WSF engage Marjaana Lappi, one of the founders of PowderPuff Girls. She is currently building up a team including participants from three continents; North America, Europe and Asia as a WSF wish is to include a broad aspect of snowboarding world. Anyone contributing to this committee will work with several aspects of snowboarding lifestyle such as coaching, judging, competition formats, media coverage just to name a few. Personal contact network will become an important source for future information channel promoting women in snowboarding for this broad team. Do you have a burning desire to contribute in women snowboarding in your country, contact Marjaana at

Some of the tasks of the committee for 2007 will be creating an open network and a forum for discussions, produce interesting stuff on women snowboarding at, establish a network of female snowboard coaches as well as to motivate girls and women to participate in all activities in National Associations and in WSG in general. The first actual WSF female event is Pinky Jam 23-25th of March in Chiesa in Valmalenco, Italy! Take a closer look at What are you waiting for? Get your board, yourself and your snowboard loving “galpals” to beautiful Italy!

Keep on eye on WSF website as more information and profiles of the committee is just around the corner! Until then: keep on rocking those pipes, rails, jumps and powder pillows and have fun!

Author: mucca