WSF General Assembly 2007, 1-3 june, Prague

WSF Board of Directors announce the General Assembly 2007 in Prague, from 1st to 3rd of june. All delegates will present report from this season while WSF Board will present feedback and report from international activities. During the GA work groups will discuss future projects and direction of the WSF for next season and several project already “on course” will be discussed and developed.

To Members of World Snowboard Federation
18th April 2007

Invitation to the WSF General Assembly 2007.

WSFs annual General Assembly will take place as earlier years in Prague 1-3rd of June 2007.
The General Assembly will be attended by the delegates from National Snowboard Associations who are members of WSF.

Members who want to submit any specific suggestions/proposals to the General Assembly must send this by e-mail to the Board, no later than 5th of May 2007.

Accommodation for delegates will be offered at:
Hotel Vodnik
Prague 5
Tel: 257 315 667
Fax: 257 315 666
The rate is pr night 60 Euros for a single room and 65 Euros for a double room. Breakfast included. Other meals must be covered by the delegates.
See attachment about hotel reservation and send it back to Jarda Bocek as soon as possible and no later than 4th of May.
His e-mail address is;

The Board has decided the following agenda for the week-end:

Friday 1st of June.
1800 – 2100 Board meeting
Committees meting
Arrival to the Hotel

Saturday 2nd of June.
0830 – 1300 The regular General Assembly.
1400 – 1800 Work shops, seminars, presentations.

Sunday 3rd of June.
0900 – 1300 Seminars and work shops continue.
New Board meet
New committees meet.
1300 Wrap up / finish
1400 Lunch / departure

According to the Statues of WSF the regular General Assembly will:
1. Appoint a secretary to take the minutes
2. Appoint 2 persons to confirm and sign the minutes.
3. Approve the votes and proxies.
4. Approve the agenda
5. Appoint the scrutineers for the period of the Assembly
6. Approve the minutes of the previous GA.
7. Approve the reports of the President and the Board.
8. Approve the reports from each region and each commission
9. Approve the financial and auditor’s report.
10. Approve the accounts.
11. Approve the annual membership fee as determined by the Board of Directors.
12. Approve the budget for the following year.
13. Assess and vote on the applications for new membership
14. Elect the President, Vice-president and treasurer.
15. Elect up to 3 additional members of the Board of Directors.
16. Elect a qualified auditor.
17. Elect a Controlling Committee of 3 qualified members.
18. Elect a election committee for the next GA
19. Discuss or vote on any other issues on the agenda, which is presented in writing and distributed to the members together with the agenda.
20. No other items can be added to the agenda and decided upon.

Workshops, presentation and seminars will be organized Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
If you have presentation you want to give to the delegates or special topics for workshops, please let us know.

The agenda will be sent to members at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting. Then you also will have more details about the exact location for the meeting.

Gunnar Tveit
World Snowboard Federation
President & CEO

WSF General Assembly 2006

Author: mucca