WSF Instructors: Educational Program 2007

One of main goal of WSF is to develope a strong and international education system. A nice pilot project was alreay arranged in Korea in 2005 and in this article you can read all info about the WSF snowboard instructor program and the next head-instructor clinic in Oslo, 2th-4th february.

Information about Instructor Education in World Snowboard Federation

Korean junior instructor at WSF clinincs 2005

WSFs goal is to develop the best head instructors and the best snowboard education system in the world and now we want our member countries to join our education system.
We know that a lot of countries have well established education systems and have no room for changes.
Therefore we first want to get in contact with the countries that don’t have any instructor education system or want help on their existing education.
We also want to get in contact with the people that have experience with instructor education and want to educate WSF instructor in their own country.
WSF invite you to come to our head instructor course in Oslo Norway, 2nd to 4th of February 2007.
It is also possible to get a WSF head instructor to come to your country and educate level 1 instructors with help from the national association. Please contact Stian about this.

Stian Linnes, WSF head education committee, looking for snow!

WSF offer
Head instructor courses:
WSF and KSBA (Korean snowboard association) have worked together with educating head instructors and we have educated around 20 official WSF Korean head instructors. Today there are less than 30 official head instructors for WSF world wide.
The head instructor educates level 1 instructors:
20 hours.
Manual and program finished.

Instructor courses level 1:
WSF does not teach people to snowboard, but we educate people who can instruct others. Relatively good snowboarding skills plus the ability to teach are required.
The certification gives theoretical and practical knowledge to instruct beginners. By beginners we mean people without any practical knowledge to speak of when it comes to snowboarding.
The instructor can give beginners basic instruction in turning techniques, falling techniques and knowledge of how to use the ski lift. We will also cover basic jumping and turning techniques, plus a simple introduction to instruction of children.
20 hours.
Manual and program finished.

Instructor courses level 2:
HP basic, kicker basic, rail basic and more.
20 hours.
Manual and program not finished yet.

The official banner of WSF instructor clinics in Korea 2005

Invitation to head instructor course/clinic.
World Snowboard Federation,
February 2nd-4th in Oslo, Norway.

The instructor will be Stian Linnes, official WSF head instructor and leader of the education committee of WSF.
The course will be held in the office to the Norwegian Snowboard Federation and practical sessions will be held in a ski- and snowboard resort close to Oslo city.
After the course the participants can educate instructors for the WSF.

Main Goal for the head instructor students:
· Learn what to say in theory lessons when holding an instructor course for WSF.
· Learn what to say and do in the slopes/outdoor when holding an instructor course for WSF.
· For the participants to pass the final head instructor exam (theory).
· The practical knowledge will be evaluated during the course.

New snowboard instructor come out from WSF clinincs!

Friday(evening), welcome:
Welcome and introduction.
About us, the course, basic knowledge and the education in WSF.
General information about the weekend.

Saturday, theory and practical session:
The step by step program.
Exercises for experienced learners.
Basic jump.
Grabs and basic tricks.

Theory indoor:
Summary from outdoor.
Security, insurance, positioning.
The role as an instructor and head instructor.
Prerequisites for learning (Learning skills).
Basic position, taking the lift.

Sunday, theory:
First Aid Basic
In the bag
Information about how to arrange a WSF instructor courses in your country.

Instructors during pratical session

200 Euros for the head instructor course (included handouts and manual). Invoices will be sent out after subscription. Food and accommodation is not included. We will get nice prices for the lift cards. Different hostels from 30 euros for one night.

Full program and other information you will get when after you application, which needs to be sent to Stian no later than 22nd January 2007.

Contact info: Stian Linnes (head of education committee of WSF), mobile phone +47 930 33 200 (Board member of WSF)

Author: mucca