WSF and TTR Pro Snowboarding GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2015

Winter is almost over here in Europe and while the Northern Hemisphere is about to hand on the baton to the Southern Hemisphere, the World Snowboard Federation (WSF) and TTR Pro Snowboarding announce that the GA 2015 will take place in Vienna (AUT) at the end of May, from Friday the 29th to Sunday the 31st.


Dear WSF Members and Friends,

Thanks to the close cooperation with TTR Pro Snowboarding, the WSF General Assembly 2015 will have many joined sessions and a super nice program with new topics to reveal.

NSAs, event organizers, WSF friends, people interested in the development of national and international snowboarding are welcome to take part at the GA 2015 that will take place at Fleming’s Hotel (Wien-Westbahnhof, Neubaugürtel 26-28, 1070 Wien, Austria) from Friday the 29th to Sunday the 31st of May.

People who are responsible for grass root development and for regional and national level events are strongly invited to take part to GA to share their own experience and support the development of snowboarding.


Friday, 29th of May 2015

09:00 WSF Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting
11:00 Strategy meetings WSF BoD and TTR BoD
12:30 Lunch
13:30 WSF GA: Welcome / short recap of 2014.15
14:30 Workshop on events and rankings
15:30 WSF committee meetings

· Education and grass roots
· Judge Committee
· Event Committee

16:30 Panel on grass root development
17:30 WSF/TTR joined session: WCS Yabuli 2016
18:30 End of meetings
20:00 Common Dinner with TTR

Saturday, 30th of May 2015

09:00 WSF/TTR Joint Session (WCS 2016 / Future Plans) big room

· Future Tour Structure
· Future Organizational Structure
· Integration of riders interests
· Education & Judging

12:30 Lunch
14:00 WSF GA: Proposal and Approvals
15:00 WSF GA: Elections of the BoD
16:30 TTR GA & Votes
18:00 WSF BoD meeting with new elected BoD
20:30 Dinner & Party

Sunday, 31st of May 2014

11:00 WSF and TTR individual meetings
13:00 GA closed


Fleming’s Hotel Wien-Westbahnhof, Neubaugürtel 26-28, 1070 Wien, Austria

single room: 119 Euro per night, incl. breakfast and WIFI
double room: 135 Euro per night, including breakfast and WIFI

Contact for hotel booking:

For room reservations please use above email address or phone number and identification code World Snowboard Federation. Hotel rooms are reserved for WSF GA attendees until 28th of April 2015 – after this deadline people are still able to book but there is no guarantee for reserved room in this hotel anymore.

If you have any questions or would like to bring forward proposals, please get in contact with Anna-Maria: (deadline April the 20th, 2015)

WSF Press Team

About the World Snowboard Federation

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) is the international organization exclusively working to develop the sport of snowboarding at all levels. Program areas include: competitions, Para-Snowboard, judge and shapers, education and certification, and snowboard activities for riders of every age. The WSF represents a network of National Snowboard Associations (NSAs) who work together at a worldwide level to promote the development of snowboarding. NSA members can find a source of inspiration and support from the WSF for the activities they are conducting within their nation and by working towards the same goal: progression of snowboarding from the ground up. The WSF collaborates with the TTR Pro Snowboarding. Through this collaboration and coordination of events at the World Snowboard Tour, the WSF and the TTR want to create an environment that fosters the development of competitive snowboarding. In February 2012, the WSF and the TTR hosted the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway, an elite level event to be held every four years in alternating cities around the world.

About TTR Pro Snowboarding and the World Snowboard Tour
TTR Pro Snowboarding strives to promote competitive snowboarding in representing the interests of a professional network of events, athletes, national sport associations and industry partners. A Non-Profit organization, TTR Pro Snowboarding owns the World Snowboard Tour, the World Championships of Snowboarding in partnership with the WSF, and the global ranking system – the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs). Through TTR’s four-tiered tour structure, it encourages, develops and supports rider progression from rookies to world-class athletes, where the Elite level, WST Pro Series events are the ultimate pinnacle of snowboarding.

Author: Elisa