WST/WSF EU Judge Forum 2014


Banked Slalom


12 December 2014 - 14 December 2014

WST/WSF EU Judge Forum 2014


Banked Slalom

Date And Time

12 December 2014 - 14 December 2014

The World Snowboard Tour (WST) and The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) would like to invite you to The WST/WSF EU Judge Forum in Munich, Germany from December 12th to 14th 2014.


The Forum serves an education and collaboration environment that brings together snowboard judges of all levels of competition from regional to pro level, as well as coaches, riders, event organizers, and national snowboarding association (NSA) representatives who are interested in their personal progression in, and the future progression of, snowboard judging.
The Forum will address the current status of snowboard judging and judge education in relation to the tours, the events, and rider progression, and how best to support that progression and prepare the next generation of judges for the coming competition seasons.

Broken into two sessions, National and International Pro-Level, each session is tailored to a specific learning and collaborative environment relevant to the level of competition, its judges are qualified to attend.

National Judge Session – Two days: Dec 12th & 13th
International Pro-Level Judge Session – One day: Dec 14th

Registration for both sessions closes December 1st, 2014.

National Level Session (Basics) – Open Attendance
The National Session is geared towards entry to intermediate amateur level events at Regional and National level (formerly WST 1-3Star level). Focus is on judging and judge training and outlines Head Judge responsibilities. It also includes training regarding safety and running of freestyle events, as well as judging systems and formats. During the format section the SLS will also be covered as well as a brief introduction to the new WST 2.0 Halfpipe system. The clinic includes a test component that consists of video judging and theory.

By completing the test at National Judge Session, participants are awarded a “WST/WSF National C Judge” level certification – allowing them to judge at Regional and National level events.
Once a Judge fulfills the criteria laid out in the attached document, and attends the required Judging Session, higher levels of certification will be awarded, up to “WST National B Judge” level.
National level judges must attend both days in order to receive certification, and must attend a WST/WSF Judge Forum once every two years to maintain their active status.

International Pro Level Judge Session – Closed Attendance

Entry criteria:
– International Pro Judge Certified; or
– WST/WSF A Level Judge Certified; or
– WST/WSF National B Judge Certified on recommendation by the WSF or their NSA (max. 1 per nation, must provide a
Letter of Recommendation from either the WSF or the NSA Judge Director); or
– Judges, Coaches, Event or Rider representatives – by WST invite only.

Designed to encourage discussion and collaboration among high-level judges and attendees, the Pro Session will focus on new trick recognition, new judge systems, formats and structures, as well as skills in other areas required by high-level events such as large field sizes, progressive formats, working with live-scoring, TV production, Event and Rider relations, and Head Judge strategies.

Focus will also be on the introduction of the new WST 2.0 Halfpipe Judging System that will be implemented at the Elite Level events on the 2014/2015 WST Pro Series this season.
This year’s Pro Session contains a learning and education component, followed by a test component.

By attending the International Pro-Level Judge Session and fulfilling the criteria, participants will receive a “WST A Level Judge” certification – allowing them to be eligible to judge at International Level events (formerly WST 4 and 5Star events) and Head Judge at Regional and National level.

Once a “WST A Level Judge” certification is attained, a Judge is then certified to train judges in their region, in cooperation with their NSA affiliation. This education must be based on the provided WST Snowboard Judge Education material and a maximum of a “National C Judge” certification may be awarded at National level. Once a “National C Judge” judge fulfills the criteria, they will be awarded the “National B Judge” certification by WST.

Once the judges, or the NSA they are affiliated with, can prove judged events at International Pro Level, and they have fulfilled the criteria, and shown strong leadership and judging skills, they will receive the “WST International PRO Judge” certification – allowing them to be eligible to judge Elite Level events, and Head Judge International Level events.

National Session Day 1 Friday Dec 12th : 9.00 am – 17.00 pm + Lunch
• Introductions with judges.
• Back to basics
• Criteria
• Trick Recognition
• Judging Tools and Steno
• Open Discussion of the day / Review / Snowboard Judging / Direction and our sport today
National Session Day 2 Saturday Dec 13th : 9.00 am – 17.00 pm + Lunch
• Judging Methods and Ranking
• Practice Judging / Ranking BA / HP / SLOPE
• Judging Formats
• Review
• Testing
• Open Discussion of the day / Review / Snowboard Judging / Direction and our sport today
International Pro Session Day 3 Sunday Dec 14th : 10:00 – 15.00pm
• Judge Strategies in high-level events
• TTR Certification Levels
• Head Judge Strategies
• SLS and Halfpipe SLS 2.0
• 2014 Season Recap and new WST Tour Structure
• Discussion regarding snowboard judging direction and our sport today

Course Fees:
National Level Session Days 1 & 2 (Fri-Sat) 9am – 5pm 100€
International Pro Session ONLY Day 3 (Sun) 10am – 3pm 100€
National Level + International Pro Session Days 1-3 (Fri-Sun) 150€

Registration & Payment: Please register and pay online HERE by December 1st, 2014.
Create a profile/Login > Select “Events” in the navigation bar > Select the session(s) you wish to attend > Process payment.
Confirmation will be sent to your registered email address. (copy & paste link:

Location Details: Munich, Germany
National Level Session attendees should arrive in Munich on Thursday evening or Friday early morning due to a 9am Friday start time.
International Pro Session attendees should arrive in Munich on Saturday evening or Sunday early morning due to a 10am start time.
Flights/Hotels/Rental Cars:

National Level Session – Open Attendance
Location: Treffpunkt Philosophie München, Schwanthalerstraße 9, 80336 Munich – Directly above the underground station
Theresienwiese – exit Paulsplatz.
How to get there:
The room is on the 3rd floor of Schwanthalerstraße 91. Easily reached by U-Bahn; take either the U4 or U5 to Theresienwiese and exit “Paulsplatz”, or by foot from Hauptbahnhof, which is only a 10 minute walk. A lift for wheelchair users is available and can be found behind the building, across the parking lot.

International Pro-Level Judge Session – Closed Attendance

Location: 3rd Floor – Tegernseer Platz 7/Entrance Deisenhofener Str. 1, 81541 Munich – Directly above the underground station Silberhornstrasse – exit Deisenhofener Str.
We will meet at the corner of Tegernseer Platz 7 & Deisenhofener Str. @9.50am. Please be prompt as access to the building is by key access only. Wheelchair access available.
How to get there:
Easily reached by U-Bahn; take the U2 to Silberhornstrasse.

Please be aware that as this is a closed session, we are limited to 20 seats. Priority will be given to those pre-qualified International Pro Level certified judges, pre-qualified International A Level certified judges, Top30 Riders, and Pro level coaches. National level coaches and non-qualified WSF/NSA recommended judges with supporting Letters of Recommendation will be allowed access subject to seating allowances. Please send WSF/NSA Letters of Recommendation to Sandy at the email below.

Any further enquiries please contact:
Iztok Sumatic, WSF Judge Coordinator:
Sandy Mcdonald:
Mel Simmons:

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