WSF Staff

General Secretary:
Anna Negri
Nationality: ITA/SUI


The General Secretary is a non-voting member of the Executive Board, in charge of the WSF Headquarters. She manages the WSF’s day to day business in accordance with the resolutions passed by the Executive Board and the General Assembly.
Anna Negri was appointed as General Secretary in 2016.


Project Officer:

Sarah Marie Lehmann
Nationality: GER

As the Project Officer Sarah is responsible for overseeing and progressing WSF’s projects and reports directly to the General Secretary. She is building a network between events and contact partner for organizers. Sarah Marie Lehmann was appointed Project Officer in 2020.


Communications Officer:

Jan Lohynsky
Nationality: CZE

As the Communications Officer Jan is responsible for all WSF’s Communications & PR activities. He reports directly to the General Secretary. He is responsible for both World Snowboard Federation and World Snowboarding communication processes. Jan was appointed Communications Officer in 2019.