World Snowboarding

The World Snowboard Tour, predecessor of the TTR World Tour, once represented the world´s largest collection of independent snowboarding events, ranging from entry level amateur events to the pinnacle events of the sport. With the changes in the marketplace over the last 3 winter seasons, what the World Snowboard Tour was originally built around ceased to exist or changed dramatically. Instead, the WST became a banner to unite snowboarding; the WSPL, whole of sport calendaring, judging education and a communications platform for the whole of sport in terms of competitions, rankings, rider information, stats and data, but no longer a tour in the original sense. With the merging of TTR and WSF, the World Snowboard Tour brand name will cease to exist. All existing and future services will be hosted under the new brand World Snowboarding on the World Snowboarding website ( The services will remain and be truly representative of the whole of sport. It will be the one stop shop for all information about snowboarding, its events and athletes. ‘With its legacy and foundation in the core snowboarding community, the WSF will strive to maintain the unique values and culture that its Mission Statement references. Snowboarding is an inspiring sport with a celebrated history and the WSF will do everything it can to keep that passion alive in the governance of our sport for the future generations of snowboarders.’

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