WSF creates added value for everybody involved n snowboarding on a national level and can offer ideas, manuals and initiatives as a result of being together in one organisation with the same goal: to progress snowboarding at all levels. The WSF is predominantly the world leader in developmental snowboarding level events – from absolute grass roots through to National Level championships. This is a vital part of the sport’s ecosystem and is the entry level where all future stars are created and is responsible for all of the bottom level of the sports’s pyramid where participation events encourage kids into the sport of snowboarding.


insuring organisational excellence in all elements of its conduct. Strive for clubs, athletes, coaches, officials, judges to perform to their potentials


Focus on achievement at all levels of snowboarding. Structures that are adaptable enough to integrate innovative ideas into the sport within the framework.


Inspire through the passion that is inherent in snowboard culture and athletes worldwide.


Support and respect the lifestyle and history of snowboarding that includes physical activity, friendships, the outdoors, and competitions to contribute to the health and happiness of all those who participate.