WSPL - World Snowboard Point List

The World Snowboard Points List (WSPL) is recognised as the single unified world ranking list in snowboarding, driven by WSF and FIS. The WSPL is the most comprehensive and authentic ranking of international snowboard athletes in the events of freestyle snowboarding..
The World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs) are the result of a global collaborative effort to create one universal, transparent and fair ranking system for competitive snowboarding. At any given point in time, the WSPLs aim to provide the most accurate and transparent representation of the top riders in the world and their corresponding results.
At the same time, the WSPL is and will continue to be the ranking system supporting younger athletes in their progression to become top athletes, providing them with a clear event path to improve and become the future star of snowboarding. Through the collaboration between FIS and WSF, a clear event and athlete pathway is in place to guide athletes in their careers.
A rider’s position on the Points List is determined by calculating an average of a rider’s WSPL points of his/her best three results in the respective freestyle discipline within a 52-week period. Over the years, the number of events taking part worldwide has changed and due to Covid-19 the numbers decreased, but already from the winter season 2021/22 new and “old” events submitted their dates again to the WSPL calendar. Athletes have always shown their willingness to compete and travel, but a shift in disciplines’ participation has been noticed in the past years.