WSF Clinics

For several years, WSF has been organizing different clinics where judges, park constructors, coaches get educated.

WSF / TTR Judge Clinics

In cooperation with TTR Snowboarding, WSF is hosting regularly judge sessions on both international and national level. The goal of the sessions was to create a uniform platform that spans all levels of snowboard judging. This will make judging far more consistent for both the riders and judges.

Photo by Eleonora Raggi

Entry criteria:

  • The national session is open to everybody who wants to gain and/or refresh basic knowledge about judging events on regional level (1 to 3 star events).

Besides judging and judge training, the program includes training on safety and running freestyle events, as well as introducing judging systems and formats.

By completing and passing the practical and theoretical test at the end of the session, the participants will receive “TTR/WSF National C Certification” – which allows to judge at 1 to 3 star events as well as to be head judge at 1 and 2 star events.

International Level Judge Clinics

Entry criteria:

  • TTR/WSF National B Certificate and a recommendation from their NSA (max. 2 per nation)
  • Invited Judges by TTR

In order to offer a various program to the participants, the focus on this session may shift from year to year.

In 2013, the main subjects were on new trick recognition, and other skills in areas required by high level events such as large field sizes, progressive formats, working with TV production and head judge strategies.

By attending the international judge-clinic and fulfilling the criteria, participants will receive a “TTR/WSF A Level Certification” – which gives them the permission to be judge at 4 and 5 Star events and to be head judge at 4 Star events.

Once a A Certification is achieved they will be certified to train judges in their region, in cooperation with the NSA they belong to. This education has to be based on the provided education material and a maximum of a National C Certification can be awarded at the regional level. If the Judge fulfills the criteria, he will get the National B Certificate.

After the judges or the NSA they belong to can prove judged events on 4 and 5 Star level, they have fulfilled the criteria and shown strong leadership and judging skills they will receive the “TTR/WSF International PRO Certificate” – which gives them the permission to judge 6 Star level and to be head judge on 5 and 6 Star level.

Workshops during the World Rookie Finals

The organizers of the World Rookie Finals – which are taking place every year in Ischgl (Austria) – are doing a marvelous job offering different workshops to the riders aged under 18, such as

“Viva con aqua” Workshop – social project to educate the kids on the water situation in developing countries. The project also included information on the right use of water.

“Saver Sex” Workshop – in cooperation with Gummi Love was organized for the rookies.

“Kopfarbeit” Workshop – in cooperation with the “Lebenshilfe Landeck” had people with mental disabilities come in and work with the rookies to create handmade beanies together.

Snowboard History Workshop – with snowboarding legends like Chuck Barfoot and Bob Klein

Avalanche Clinic – consisting of both a theoretical and a practical session. Additional workshops

Music Workshop – in cooperation with Sempre Chaoz.

Have a look at the video of the World Rookie Finals 2013 to get the idea of these valuable workshops.