ShredSecure Lane

WSF offers you „ShredSecure Lane”, the official WSF whistleblowing/reporting system to assist riders, their teammates and the sport of snowboarding itself. It is important to understand that in whatever situation someone is, nobody is alone, the WSF is here to help. We firmly believe there is always a solution, but thoughts need to be shared with us to help us find this solution together with the involved parties to make the world of snowboarding a safe one for all young athletes growing up with this sort.
„ShredSecure Lane” ties in to WSF’s successful Safeshred program as it is a direct follow up project. A reminder that the SafeShred course is available in 6 languages on the WSF Academy.
When should something be reported?
When something doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t right. Report it even if you are not sure. Tell us and we will help you to decide.
Why is this so important?
Sometimes you are directly involved, sometimes you witness something, sometimes you hear a rumor or someone tells you story. Often later on people realize something was not right. If you are not sure how to react and what to do, „ShredSecure Lane” is made for exactly these situations.
Follow the link here to the online Reporting system which is designed to help to communicate what you need to share. We appreciate when you share your information with us, but if you feel more comfortable to report anonymously, this option can also be chosen.
Stand up for yourself and others!
For questions don’t hesitate to reach out to any time.