The WSF is the international authority for grassroots and development snowboarding and generally promotes the sport of snowboarding in the interest of all snowboarders and especially as a healthy activity for children and youth. The World Snowboard Federation promotes and inspires snowboarders, no matter the age, the join and progress the sport. Therefore the WSF collects and promote snowboard events across the globe. Below you can find the three key categories of events, the WSF has been promoting and will continue to push in the future.


The World Rookie Rank (WRR) is the WSF global youth ranking.
It is a classification for riders aged 18 and under, supporting and facilitating the athletes development.

Through a partnership between the WSF and the World Rookie Tour (WRT), results from the WRR will qualify athletes for the World Rookie Finals. Selected winners of various WRT events will also compete in the finals of the World Rookie Tour. Winners of the World Rookie Finals will be awarded with the title of World Rookie Champion. Athletes are then offered a unique opportunity to enter the world of professional snowboarding through various filming and event invitations reserved exclusively for World Rookie Champions. This gives the young riders an amazing platform to develop their future snowboarding careers.

Throughout the years, the World Rookie Rank evolved from only being a reflection of the World Rookie Tour events to a comprehensive collection of the best youth events around the world. During the first Covid-19 winter, all events on the WSPL have been uploaded directly as well to the WRR, in order to give more opportunities to youngsters to gain points and progress in their careers due to the limited amount of events organized during that winter. For 2021/22 season, all WSF events have been uploaded directly to both the WSPL and WRR, whereas FIS events had the possibility to request and be uploaded to the WRR as well. This new strategy turned out to be very successful for both WSF and WRR, but especially for the younger athletes since they had more opportunities to compete and progress.

More to come for the upcoming winter season 2023/24, with a fresh new look for the World Rookie Rank and exciting new awards for the upcoming stars of snowboarding!


The World Snowboard Points List (WSPL) is recognized as the single unified world ranking list in snowboarding, driven by WSF and FIS. The WSPL is the most comprehensive and authentic ranking of international snowboard athletes in the events of freestyle snowboarding..
The World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs) are the result of a global collaborative effort to create one universal, transparent and fair ranking system for competitive snowboarding. At any given point in time, the WSPLs aim to provide the most accurate and transparent representation of the top riders in the world and their corresponding results. At the same time, the WSPL is and will continue to be the ranking system supporting younger athletes in their progression to become top athletes, providing them with a clear event path to improve and become the future star of snowboarding.

Through the collaboration between FIS and WSF, a clear event and athlete pathway is in place to guide athletes in their careers. A rider’s position on the Points List is determined by calculating an average of a rider’s WSPL points of his/her
best three results in the respective freestyle discipline within a 52-week period.


Banked slalom is a snowboarding discipline, which combines the roots of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. Banked slalom is a great way to bring attention to the sport of snowboarding and help increase participation. From the media to new consumers: it is an all-ages discipline, a low risk sport and people have a lot of fun competing in contests that do not require professional skills. The WSF Banked Slalom Tour is very lifestyle focused and brings with it a
philosophy of participation over fierce competition. Thanks to the type of event that the Banked Slalom is, this is and has always been the right place to bring families and generations together, to compete and have fun together, no matter
the age, the gender, the skills, the level and the ability.
The WSF Banked Slalom Tour offers a platform and network within currently existing events and supports to help create new events.