1st National Adaptive Wintersport Instructor Meeting in Netherlands

A joint effort of the Johan Cruijff Foundation and the VGW has resulted in the first national meeting of adaptive wintersport instructors. The day was attended by instructors from several Dutch organisations as well as well-known Dutch adaptive sportsmen like Bibian Mentel , KJ van der Klooster and Kjeld Punt.

After the opening of the day by Roger Popp, representing the JCF, each organisation had the opportunity to give a presentation to further outline their goals and objectives.
During lunch first discussions started on how we could better cooperate in our small country.
In the afternoon 5 topics were discussed in groups, being
1.Adaptive Ski Material and additional aids.
2.Learn-to-ride program and Instructor training.
3.Sitski techniques.
4.2-track, 3-track and 4-track techniques incl. snowboarding.

The results of these discussions were presented to all attendees at the end of the afternoon.

This day was a first step and highly appreciated by everyone and all are looking forward to the next one. During the next meeting main topics will be; use of one another’s hardware and the training of instructors and guides. The Nederlandse Skivereniging (Dutch Wintersport Association) has committed themselves to further coordinate this process.

A first result of this day is a fact! The snowboard instructors of several organisations have continued the discussion started that day and formed a group that will try to realize the first Dutch Adaptive Snowboard Guide by the end of this season. Might anyone have any material that could by of help for them please contact them at vgw_skileraar@live.nl

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Author: mucca