Andrew Wilde Wins The Nitro Open At Lake Songhua Resort

The Nitro Open 2015 in Northeastern China, Jilin Province, a WST Regional Level Event, saw Kiwi Andrew Wilde take the top spot, tightly followed by locals Lin Xiaoyun and Rookie Su Yiming. Mellow Parks provided a perfectly shaped park offering very good options to let the riders choose their individual runs. The top six riders shared a $ 1,500 cash prize and gear offered by Nitro / Dragon / Mizu / L1.

The Nitro Open At Lake Songhua Resort_04

The Nitro Open as part of the WST encourages local riders to participate in competitions. The spirit of everyone having fun riding together is the motivation that makes everyone go out and ride – everyone was a winner that day in our eyes!

The official season opening event in China saw -despite being a Male only SS – some awesome Ladies shredding in the park: Sun Zhendong, Cheryl Yang Rui, Wang Nan and Yu Yang. Celebrating World Snowboard Day, the 10th anniversary no less, was on everyone’s mind that weekend at Lake Songhua.


1.     Andrew Wilde
2.     Lin Xiaojun
3.     Su Yiming
4.     Andrij Sydorenko
5.     Song Junliang
6.     Jia Xin
7.     Zhang Peng
8.     Zhang Jiahao
9.     Chen Weiyou
10.   He Wei

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Author: Elisa