BGV Fest 2007, Best Russian Event

On the 9th-11th of February 2007 the sixth festival BGV (“Big Race of the Vibiray magazine”) took place on the territory of the skiing resort «Metallurg-Magnitogorsk». The only one contest in Russia that has three stars according to TTR&WSF gathered more than 8 000 amateurs of exciting sports and active leisure on the same ground.

Speaking about the festival BGV, it is appropriate to use the phrase «for the first time», because many things during BGV’07 were for the 1st time and they didn’t happen before. For example, BGV’07 was the 1st three star event in Russia. And the fact that the traditional snowboard-camp BND.CAMP and the festival itself took place on the same ground in the park – is also a novelty. And there was a new logotype, and the knights style, and the type of finals – knockout, and the special souvenirs in the souvenirs’ shop, and the level of the park, and wild cards and what not. We can enumerate endlessly, but we will speak only about the main things. During the sport contests not everything went off smoothly, but still the event was bright and exciting. Due to the technical troubles the qualification was delayed, and the riders finished it only after midnight. As it turned out, not all the riders were ready to such a difficult park (two big-airs with transit of 18 and 12 metres). Five riders refused to take part in the contest. According to the results of the qualification taking into account wild cards, 16 snowboarders and 8 new-school riders got into the semi-final.

A heavy snowfall during the second day of the festival naturally excluded the necessity of the semi-final, but it didn’t frighten the participants of the mini-shred contest. Two picnic-tables and a barrel were set up on the lower ground. This was a real trophy for amateurs of jibbing. The winners in the disciplines «the best trick», «the best style» and «the best crush» were identified at once and were rewarded with presents from sponsors. At the appointed hour the opening of the final BGV’07 took place in the snow-park. Everything was tremendous, elevated and in European style. This was noticed not only by our and European riders, but also by the main television producer of the festival – Felix Urbauer. The prognosis that there would be no Russian riders in the super-final didn’t come true. Our riders showed excellent results: Peter Yastrebkov and Ilya Arzyutov are in the list of the super-finalists together with Otto Veijola from Finland and Aron Holtermann from Germany. As for new-school riders, Artem Glebov, Evgeny Vetoshkin, Pavel Korpachev and Gregory Fuzeev competed in super-final for prize.

the 1st place – Otto Veijola (Finland)
backside 900 indy + cab270-270off (Icebox)
the 2nd place – Peter Yastrebkov (Moscow)
cab900 indy + 50/50 (Abox)
the 3rd place – Ilya Arzyutov (Samara)
frontside 900 lien + 50/50-boardslide (Abox)

the 1st place – Evgeny Vetoshkin (Moscow)
fakie 900 mute –> 270 on – 450 of (Icebox)
the 2nd place – Pavel Korpachev (Ekaterinburg)
900 safety -> skislide (Abox)
the 3rd place – Gregory Fuzeev (St. Petersburg)
fakie 540 xcross -> skislide-to-fakie

The prize fund of the 6th festival BGV amounted 10 000 EUR. In addition to prize money, the winners got the exclusive dated medals, which have the same shape as the new logotype of the festival “Big Race of the Vibiray magazine”. Besides, the official financial partner of the festival International Moscow Bank presented every winner with a certificate for getting a card VISA gold.

The super-final was bright and magnificent and not only due to the riders, but also due to MC Fasahich, MC Pavel Zloy and MC Jazzz. Their comments were irrefragable and always to the point and such things as «the city – Germany», «BGV zwei, zero, zero, sieben» and «züppa finaleeee» became the catch-words at once, they spread on the ground quickly and even far beyond the park.

The festival BGV is famous not only for high level of sport contests, but also for the quality of the entertaining program. It is even more important, because thousands people from Russia and CIS come to the festival every year. According to all available information there were about 8 or 10 thousand amateurs of active winter leisure.
The endless games, and plays with prizes from such sponsors as – International Moscow Bank, the mobile operator «MegaFon-Ural», brand 686 and SPY OPTIC, the radio Europe plus, the magazine ONBOARD amused the audience. DJ Wide, DJ D?nis and Electro DJs’ non-stops and different performances and happenings fulfilled by the theatrical studio «Maneken» didn’t allow the audience to be bored.
The apogee of the entertaining program was the concerts of SEREGA and the German group PYOGENESIS. The punks from «the city – Germany» prepared for the festival BGV, because they started their concert from so called agitational phrase: “don’t eat yellow snow!”. The audience exulted.
By the way, it was the first festival which had its own BGVradio with studio, music, DJs and even jingles. All hot news was available on the air at once.

The organizers of the festival express their gratitude to the airline Utair, TM «Sportmaster», the mineral water «Arkhyz», the tourist company «AlpIndustry» and to the informational portals and

P.S. The organizers of the festival BGV wish a quick recovery to Artem Kuleshov (Vorobey), who suffered an injury during the qualification.

Author: mucca